Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Report of Merdeka Multisport Training Camp

As scheduled before, the first ever Merdeka Multisport Training Camp (MMTC) has been succeded..
MrBlack as an organizer collaborate together with Kakithon Club, managed great weekend holidays for all participants..


A very first participant who was reported for this MMTC 2008, was Mr Faraied, Civil Engineer from Wisma Putra..he very ethusiastic with this MMTC..then followed by Nazihah former UTM Multisports athlete, and the others..we check in at Faculty of Education Outdoor Education Campsite, UTM Skudai as our official accomodation for this two days..

On Saturday evening, MMTC was started with cycling session from UTM-JB..started at 6:00pm, the peloton smoothly headed to JB City..have a photoshot at one of the famous spot in JB..

later MMTC decided to break and take a dinner at Warong Saga..this small restaurant provided local Johorean cuisine and as the customers, always impressed by the massive collection of all Sultan of Johor potraits, the Royal Families, local Government officers from past until now, the photos of JB cities growing 'anak jati Johor', I explained all the histories that related with the collections there

After finished our dinner, the peloton headed back to UTM for merdeka celebration which has been arranged by UTM

after midnight, once again we have 2nd round of dinner.."carbo loading session"..haha


Sunday morning, 31st Aug 2008..
Started at 8:15 am, MrBlack give some talk about dehydration, heat cramp prevention and many useful tips for MMTC participants..
Six of us together enjoyed our long run from UTM to JB City..
there were 22 km, road run, and hot weather waited for us..
decided to split this long run to 2 sections, 11km-11km..

everybody cannot run from heat torture along the way..(but I managed to handle well)
finally we reach JB City, and once again we took a photoshot at the same place as yesterday..heh

then we took our lunch at JB City Square..finally we reached UTM at 2:30pm..phew!


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