Monday, September 22, 2008

Last Working Week Before Syawal

haaa..Syawal will be celebrate about 10 days from now..but my workload still a massive load to shave until finisha and done..PhD paperworks, paperwork for new infrastructure to build, programme planning moved to designing process, at the same time need to attend final exam papers workshop, observe my practical teachers at school (4 of them), small task increased day by day..bla..bla..bla..

While current task didn't settle yet, and just now I received one opportunities from my boss to write two chapters of book..its hard to say NO, because this is my first experience to be one of the author of the book..and simple you will said NO if heard like this "we must submit before hari raya or one week after hari raya," thats it! but for me, "I'll give a try, and work hard for this.." "Ok, we share the topic to write together.." my boss replied..and the topics related to my field of need to search the information in the library, maybe at night??

So that, I will settle my current task and can seat properly during Hari Raya to write a chapters for that book.

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