Monday, July 30, 2012

Recovered from Early Ramadhan Illness

A sore throat and high fever prevent me from doing a work at office for three days. The day before I rest at home, I need to attend a meeting in the morning and during the evening, I couldn't stand with the symptom arose.

I just rest at home besides doing an 'urgent assignment' from home.

Two days, a boring came through to my emotional. Thus, took a two consecutive night outings and drinks with friend and my gf. Finally, I drank a virgin coconut water and I got a fantastic results after while. My body temperature decreased and I can enjoyed my weekend with my gf on Saturday and Jelajah Amal Ramadhan for the whole Sunday.

As a bottom line, high fever, sore throat and nose problem I could say it were related with high ambient temperature & humidity during this Ramadhan. Stay well hydrated (after iftar) and stay under the shade (during a day) could prevent you from getting dehydrated and increased core body temperature.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Selamat Menjalani Ibadah di Bulan Ramadhan

Sempena Ramadhan, saya mengucapkan
Selamat Menjalani Ibadah di Bulan Ramadhan,
bulan yg penuh keberkatan ini.

Semoga kita beroleh keberkatannya, Amin.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Iron Bound Challenge 2012: Pre Race & Race Day 1

Lets view the picture and the log..

After a night long driving JB-Lumut, finally reached the destination!

The Goodies..

The Printed Promo Materials

The Race Briefing

Our Team Gears

The Day One Breakfast

The pose before the suffer

At start line

Race officially start!!

With disable racer

"satu besar, satu kecil"

The Husband & Wife 

Team Kakithon presented by Mentor Training

after running on road, here is the trail..

Climb section

Hopping some logs

Second discipline: Urban Orienteering
Third discipline: Kayaking (15km)

Last discipline of the day: Mountain Biking (64km)

Crossing the bridge that we under pass during kayak earlier the day

Post Day 1 Race: Smiling even suffering 

Lion dance performance during our dinner

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Weeks of Grueling Outing

How do I start to write a blogpost after more than a two weeks?

There were a lot of situation I have been experienced during last two weeks.

First, I was together with my gf has completed Perak Columbia Iron Bound Challenge 2012 for the very first time. The two days back to back adventure racing around Lumut and Pangkor Island.

Secondly, right after the gruelling adventure race during the weekend, I was attended a UTM-SRI International License Plan Essential Boot Camp in Avillion, Port Dickson. The course was aimed to enhance the staff readiness in lisencing their patent product into commercialization.

Lastly, I was able to rest at home for more than 18 hours in the last weekend! I have ate my mom's cooking, plus had a durian eating session on Sunday together with my gf and her lab mates. Wow!

As a bottom line, I was not able to sit in front of my workstation doing some work at the office. Completely outing and enjoying my life!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

AR: Perak Columbia Iron Bound Challenge 2012

Here is the background info from the organizer blogsite:

To the “adventure racing" fans, the foremost adventure racing event in Malaysia  Iron Bound Challenge to appear once again hosting the 7th  edition, this time it was more physical and mental challenge, this time the challenge will be hosted for 2 days in stages "weekend warriors", it will be held on 6-8 July 2012, the location set in Lumut, Perak, Malaysia.

The challenge was organized to commemorate the Perak visit year 2012 this inaugural tournament was brought to the attention of adventure racing lovers every year, Perak Iron Bound Challenge has received awards by the Malaysia Sport Tourism Council, as the most successful sport Event in Malaysia 2003 at The Palace Golden Horses.

What is certain is organized at this time is very interesting and different from the previous edition.
Discipline at this time (Adventure Race Team - 2 Days stage Race)

  • trail running
  • mountain biking
  • high roping
  • kayaking
  • orienteering
  • navigation skill

As the date is around the corner, I feel this is another exciting episode of "Bring the Endhorpine to the Max". I rarely feel this boost except when annually participating in Powerman Malaysia duathlon since 2003. But this event bring one step above of my current self-achievement in multisports culture.

I will team up with my gf, Jiha to carrying the Kakithon name and received a sponsorship from Mentor Training Malaysia in this up coming race. As the previous month on 3rd June 2012, that was a first time we race as a team in Mixed Open Category, and amazingly we claim 7th spot to received (but not yet received) a three digits prize money. That was a good kick start for our brand Team Kakithon presented by Mentor Training in adventure racing scene in Malaysia.

As a preparation, we found that we certainly lack of a long training hours. Managed to train with only 5 hours per week. In addition, I was busy with outstation for outdoor instructing activities recently both during weekdays and weekends. While Jiha was busy at her lab and only can start the training session at the late of evening for did a workout for less than 45 minutes. 

All equipment get ready, the car also got serviced, the accommodation booked, and next step is to packed all the stuff and take a long drive to Lumut tonight. Hope the journey will be safely arrived at the destination next morning.

As a bottom line, taking part in adventure race is a new experience for me and Jiha especially involving a multi-days race. The training, the nutrition, the recovery, essential gears, the accommodation, the transportation, and the willingness must sit together as a package before someone will be a able to taking part in this kind of race. Perhaps, we can cross a finish line with our own feet!