Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Road To Powerman 2008: The Day Before


Clock is thicking, time is running..less than 24 hours Powerman Malaysia 2008 will begin..

After took a breakfast at hotel cafe, three of us once again did charity ride..start at 11am we rode from Teluk Batik-Teluk Muroh-Lumut Town-Seri Manjung and I showed for Faraeid the route for running leg..the we took our time for having sugar cane juices at the stall beside the and sunny day seem like nothing to us..

After dressed like tourist, we manage to take a look at Lumut Town for our lunch..the straight headed to Kompleks Sukan Seri Manjung where the race kit collection and race breafing held..quite large number of participants took a challenge for this year race..also I saw numerous of new faces..but I missed so much with familiar faces in this event..I also suprised with a few of booths that sold race gear, attires, sports nutrition and etc..Faraied bought his first race suit..I bought some official race merchandices, racebelt, and Fuel Belt..race briefing this year was a coldest Powerman race briefing ever since I joined in 2003..

At night having a dinner at Teluk Muroh..once again disscussion and heart to heart talk by three of us, especially for encourage and boost Faraied's spirit to be Finisher tomorrow..

Before sleep, we did all the necessary task such as sticked race number to helmet, bike, set-up our attire and equipment for next day..the DAY will come..

Road To Powerman 2008: The Journey


On Thursday, my journey and Jiha started at 10pm from Skudai, headed to Faraied's place in Seri Kembangan. Arrived at 1:30am..took a valuable rest and sleep..

In the morning at 10:00am, we already on the road continued our journey to Lumut, Perak..
Lunch at 12:00pm, arrived at Teluk Batik Beach Resort at 2:30pm..check in and rest..

Evening, three of us make charity run around Teluk Batik to Teluk Muruh and back, just 7km++ easy run..just to make sure our muscle not too rest and can run as usuall after long journey..

At night, we took our dinner in Manjung Town..ala carte dishes, I can't forgot the taste of TomYam Pok Tek..tom yam soup added with coconut tasty and tangy..

Manage to sleep early, after having discussion among three of us..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Road To Powerman 2008: The Adventures is Begin

Tonight my adventure to Powerman Malaysia 2008 in Seri Manjung, Perak will begin..accompanied by Jiha, we will start our journey tonight..Faraied and his friend will join this journey at KL.. we will arrive at Seri Manjung on Friday we can have a rest earlier, we have friday evening and whole Saturday before Powerman on early Sunday morning..

This time is my first time go to Powerman drive by my ownself..back in 2003 until 2007, I always went to races with my brother Moose..this year he will join this race together with his cannot tumpang anymore..but it is ok for me, its time for me to start berdikari..

Travel cost, and also car service cost before the journey was an extra expenses must to take a note for making race is so important to make sure our vehicle in good condition before travel for long distance..

So now, in this evening I must spend my energy, focus and concentration to drive a car until tomorrow morning arrive safely and steady at Seri Manjung, Perak..please pray for my safety, hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Road to Powerman 2008: Training During Student Life

During the period when I was completing my undergraduate study, I did my training 2 times session in the morning and evening..morning session usually long run up to 10km and switch to easy run on the next day..but on Sunday rode with the members from Persatuan Lumba Basikal the evening I do either cycling, running, brick, fartlek, strength training, or duathlon.

I always remember I ran when others U students waited for buses at bus stop to went their lecture..all the faces were so weird when looked at me (and sometimes my partner)..but I was happy to have morning training session..I was fresh enough to went for lectures..

In the evening, 5pm I already on my bike or ran on the road around the campus..normally finished my training at 6:45pm and after that I lepak with my friends who were actually did the same routine as me..we gave our name as Gang Bus Stop Tasik UTM..the faces included me, Boss, Shaney, Faraied, Helmi (exATMA), Arman (exATMA), Syarul, Ijad (exATMA) also Jiha..then we had discussion related to our sports..but sometimes my training also can be finished as late as 7:30pm..

I have my dinner sharp at 8pm, with my buddy named Boss..and have a chat..then back to my room did my assignment, or attend a project meeting, or just playing video games..I complete my daily routine at 11pm, then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Road to Powerman 2008: Pro's Season..

Below are exactly a full race schedule for one season belong to Joerie Vansteelant, currently 2nd in Powerman World Ranking 2008, so take a look!

05/01-23/01: Training camp Lanzarote (ESP)
19/01: Duathlon “Club La Santa” (ESP): 5-20-2,5
02/02 - 22/02: Training camp Potchefstroom (RSA)
09/03: Benelux championships winterduathlon Geel-Bel: 4-20-2
22/03 - 04/04: Training camp Saint-Raphaël (FRA)
06/04: Grand Prix Château-Renault (FRA): 5-30-5
20/04: Powerman Horst (NED): 15-60-7,5
27/04: Duathlon Non-Drafting Ruddervoorde: 5-20-2,5
04/05: Grand Prix Châteauroux (FRA) 10-40-5
05/05 - 23/05: Training camp Font-Romeu (FRA)
25/05: ETU European championships SD Serres (GRE): 10-40-5
01/06: ITU World Series “memorial Benny Vansteelant” Torhout: 10-30-5-30-5
14/06: Grand Prix Sables d’Olonnes: 5-30-5
05/07: Belgian championships SD Kortrijk: 10-40-5
08/07 - 13/07: Training camp Font-Romeu (FRA)
20/07: Duathlon Val d’Aran (FRA): 9-85-16
10/08: ITU World championships LD Geel: 20-80-10
24/08: Powerman Weyer (AUT): 14-76-7
30/08: Duathlon Non-Drafting Viersel: 5-30-5
31/08 - 24/09: Training camp Font-Romeu (FRA)
14/09: Grand Prix Nancy (FRA): 5-30-5
28/09: ITU World championships SD Rimini (ITA): 10-40-5
12/10: “Coupe de France des Clubs” Gruissan: 5-30-5
09/11: Powerman Seri Manjung (MAL): 10-60-10

We can see, in one month, pro will race two to three races. Attend at least 6 training camp which is will take two weeks. Then Joerie only focusing his race to duathlon..this is very important to the athlete himself, training programme and schedule, to do training and performance asessment and to set a goal to achieve for upcoming season..

In Malaysia, actually we as multi-sports fanatic also can do. We choose a race mostly triathlon, road running, but less duathlon races here..then we set structural and systematic training programme, race, and revise our performance every 3 months..the we can feel like a professional athlete..

But in the other hand, please avoid racing in robust races such mountain climbing, trail running, adventure races, or play contact sports such as futsal, basketball etc..this kind of sports only can contribute to injury because you are not fit to do that need some extra training to increase an abilities in that sports..wasting!

Hopefuly in the future, Malaysia will see more a professional athlete in this sport, and can contribute to our society about the importance of healthier lifestyle.

Road to Powerman 2008: Press Release at

Here are press release wrote by Melody Tan at an official Powerman International Website..

POWERMAN Malaysia 2008, Nov. 09 (7th Edition)
Press Release

Seri Manjung, Perak, 8 October 2008 – Are you ready to take part in the hottest Powerman race in the World Powerman Series? Racing in Malaysia will always be a challenge with our heat and humidity.

We welcome the new Powerman World Ranking No. 1 male duathlete, Andy Sutz from Switzerland and the return of the reigning Powerman Malaysia Champion from 2007, Joerie Vansteelant a professional from Belgium who has raced here twice before. They will be challenged by Aksel Nielsen from Denmark, Sebastian Retzlaff from Germany, Jason Spong from South Africa, Chrispine Onyango from Kenya who is practically a local, accustomed to the local heat and humidity of Malaysia after making top 3 several times, Anthony Le Duey from France, Elmar Schuberth from Austria and our very own top Malaysian duathletes Heidilee Mohamad and Shahrom Abdullah.

We also welcome Victoria Beck from New Zealand who recently won Powerman Austria, Rebecca Preston from Australia and Sarah Roy an up and coming athlete from Australia, making their first appearances at Powerman Malaysia. Our top Malaysian female duathlete Marianna Mohammad, we are confident will make Malaysia proud by giving her all during Powerman Malaysia. The elite race is heating up with a lot of new potential champions in and amongst all of the seasoned and regular campaigners, the race course takes competitors through some of the most scenic, beautiful and picturesque views of Seri Manjung town on the west coast of Perak.

With all of the focus on the Elite athletes, it must go without saying that the age group competition is also heating up with the climax of Malaysia’s and in effect the fastest growing duathlon race in South East Asia, with the duathlon season coming to an end with Powerman Malaysia. At all the age groups being contested there are the regular strong field of regulars and newcomers, competing for top age group accolades amongst friends and seasoned campaigners.

A growing contingent from Singapore and athletes from 25 countries are turning out this 9th November 2008 to go home with bragging rights of being PowerMan or PowerWoman of Malaysia for 2008. It is also the largest duathlon race course to date in Malaysia with almost 700 competitors coming out to race on 9th November, 2008 and fighting to win some of the RM132,000.00 prize purse. It will also have the largest contingent of TV coverage with all of the local networks turning up and a high level regional media interest.

This event is made possible by our title sponsors Malakoff Corporation Berhad along with our cosponsor PowerBar and Orient Star Resort Lumut.

Prepared by:
Melody Tan ,Event Director
Tel: (603) 7710 9984 Fax: (603) 7710 9985 Email:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Road to Powerman 2008: Tapering Phase

After 2 days I took a rest since Saturday, my body feel more athlete need a recovery and adequate rest from a training routine..hence, now is the last week before the race day this Sunday..

Tapering phase is one of the phase that not every athlete take into their consideration..
Tapering, in the context of sports, refers to the practice of reducing, or tapering off, exercise in the days just before an important competition..tapering is customary in many endurance sports, such as the marathon, athletics and swimming..for many athletes, a significant period of tapering is essential for optimal performance..taper frequently can be in 3 weeks or even one week prior to the race day..longer endurance events are generally preceded by longer tapering periods, with the curious exception of particularly long endurance competitions, such as ultramarathons and multiday races..tapering indicates that optimal levels of muscle glycogen, enzymes, antioxidants, and hormones, which are significantly depleted by intense endurance training, are achieved during a taper..

Personally, I did it since I was in school..but that time I didn't know what I done..I just let myself to have a rest a day or more before any event I entered..but contradically with my friends, they were so busy to training at last minute time..this situation also happened till now, when I always saw most of campus fellas had their training when tomorrow was their event! but I always make sure this is not happen to my athletes..

Tapering period also can boost your 'semangat yang membara itu' for saving it till race day..also it can save you from have even worst situation such as get a flu, overtraining syndrome, or maybe an accident! So now, during tapering phase, I just focus on the quality of each training session..

As a bottom like, as a young man in sports science field, I take a consideration to give informal knowledge for those are involved in any endurance event..and now I hope they know, that tapering period is one of the important parts of training progression that people even didn't notice it..