Thursday, February 26, 2009

Event for 2009..mostly using legs, hands, heart, lungs, mental, of course the paper that you always put in wallet

Start Finish Day

Mountain Biking

KMH Cabaran Trail Balak Sg Durian

27/01 27/01 1
Ten Bucks DH Race, Johor

07/02 08/02 2
Bukit Cermin DH Race

22/02 22/02 1
MTB Downhill Challenge Tg Dawai Merbok

22/02 22/02 1
The Great Singapore MTB Carnival

27/02 28/02 2
The Great Singapore MTB Carnival

01/03 01/03 1
Kulim Hi-Tech MTB Exploration 2009

08/03 08/03 1
Mountain Bike Jamboree Langkawi

22/03 22/03 1
Oakley Bandung DH

01/03 31/03 31
UCI WC DHI/4X Rd 1 Pietermaritzburg (RSA)

11/04 12/04 2
Mountain Bike Jamboree Penang

12/04 12/04 1
MPK-Enduro DH Kuantan, Pelindung

18/04 19/04 2
Borneo Downhill Challenge, Sabah

16/05 17/05 2
Mountain Bike Jamboree Pulau Pangkor

31/05 31/05 1
UCI WC DHI Rd 2 La Bresse (FRA)

01/05 31/05 31
UCI WC DHI/4X Rd 3 Vallnord (AND)

01/05 31/05 31
UCI WC DHI/4X Rd 4 Fort William (GBR)

06/06 07/06 2
UCI WC DHI/4X Rd 5 Maribor (SLO)

20/06 21/06 2
MTB National Challenge Kuala Ketil

28/06 28/06 1
PCC-Presidential Ride - 60km, Kajang

01/06 30/06 30
Mountain Bike Jamboree Pulau Pangkor

12/07 12/07 1
Sg. Petani Puteri Hill Park MTB Jamboree 45km

01/07 31/07 31
Gunung Puntang Challenge (INA)

17/07 20/07 4
BC National Champs Innerleithen (Sco)

18/07 19/07 2
UCI WC XCO/DHI/4X Rd 6 Mont-Sainte-Anne (CAN)

25/07 26/07 2
UCI WC XCO/DHI/4X Rd 7 Bromont (CAN)

01/08 02/08 2
International MTB Challenge Penang

08/08 09/08 2
UCI World Champs Canberra (AUS)

05/09 06/09 2
Mountain Bike Jamboree Kelantan

12/09 12/09 1
UCI WC XCO/DHI/4X Rd 8 Schladming (AUT)

19/09 20/09 2
International MTB Challenge Kuala Ketil

18/10 18/10 1
ECC-Melaka Heritage MTB Jamboree

01/10 31/10 31
Asian Cont. Championship, Melaka (UCI)

05/11 08/11 4
Mountain Bike Jamboree Kedah

08/11 08/11 1
Bukit Mertajam MTB Cross 45km

01/11 30/11 30
Kayuh Lasak Jamboree, Penang

01/11 30/11 30
TBC - Kayuhan Warisan Taiping 70km, Perak

01/12 31/12 31

UCI Malaysia

Le Tour de Langkawi

09/02 15/02 7
Jelajah Malaysia

19/04 26/04 8
Melaka Chief Minister Cup

20/07 21/07 2
Jelajah Negeri Sembilan

23/07 25/07 3
Perlis Open

28/07 30/07 3


Perak Ironbound Challenge

18/01 18/01 1
3rd Aquathlon Championships

31/01 31/01 1
Le Tour de Langkawi, Malaysia

09/02 15/02 7
Langkawi Kayak Expedition

13/02 15/02 3
Singapore Sprint Series (Biathlon)

22/02 22/02 1
OCBC Cycle Singapore 2009

22/02 22/02 1
Phat Tyre Weekend & Bike Asia Expo, Singapore

27/02 01/03 3
Ironman Langkawi

28/02 28/02 1
Singapore Biathlon

01/03 01/03 1
Milo Youth Tryathlon 2009

07/03 07/03 1
Singapore Sprint Series (Duathlon)

15/03 15/03 1
Aviva Ironman Triathlon 70.3 Singapore

22/03 22/03 1
Mekong River International Multisport ITU Asian Cup

27/03 29/03 3
Lake Kenyir International Triathlon

29/03 29/03 1
Sabah Adventure Race

10/04 12/04 3
Kapas Marang International Swimathon

12/04 12/04 1
Singapore Sprint Series (Triathlon)

19/04 19/04 1
Raw Duathlon, Singapore

26/04 26/04 1
Kuantan International Triathlon

26/04 26/04 1
Kent Ridge Mountain Bike Race, Singapore

03/05 03/05 1
Bintan Triathlon, Bintan Indonesia

23/05 24/05 2
Kuantan Off-Road Triathlon

07/06 07/06 1
Runway Cycling, Singapore (TBC)

21/06 21/06 1
Asian Youth Games, Singapore

02/07 05/07 4
Port Dickson International Triathlon

11/07 11/07 1
Pulau Ubin - Pulau Ketam Mountain Bike Race

19/07 19/07 1
Perlis Open, UCI 2.2 Road Cycling Race

23/07 25/07 3
Singapore Duathlon

26/07 26/07 1
Negeri Sembilan, UCI 2.2 Road Cycling Race

28/07 30/07 3
TAS Singapore Triathlon (OSIM)

01/08 02/08 2
Desaru International Long Distance Triathlon

01/08 01/08 1
Melaka Chief Minister's Cup

22/08 23/08 2
Hoi An Vietnam International Triathlon

29/08 30/08 2
Perhentian Island Challenge

10/10 10/10 1
Avon Walk, Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur (TBC)

11/10 11/10 1
Lombok Triathlon, Bali Indonesia

18/10 18/10 1
OSIM Triathlon, Singapore

31/10 31/10 1
Powerman Malaysia, Lumut - Perak

08/11 08/11 1
Sarawak International Triathlon

28/11 28/11 1

Kalender kejohanan Berbasikal

Kejohanan Lumba Basikal SportExcel Lebuhraya( Kedah)

06/03 08/03 3
Kejohanan Lumba Basikal Sport Excel Track (Kuala Lumpur)

27/03 29/03 3
Kejohanan Berbasikal PLN Track ( Kuala Lumpur)

10/04 12/04 3
Kejohanan berbasikal SportExcel Lebuhraya ( Bera,Pahang)

15/05 17/05 3
kejohanan Berbasikal PLN Track ( Ipoh,Perak)

05/06 07/06 3
Kejohanan Berbasikal Kebangsaan ( Kuala Lumpur )

24/06 28/06 5
Kejohanan Berbasikal PLN Track ( Kuala Lumpur)

04/12 06/12 3

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kakithon First Birthday

Kakithon is a group of high performance running and cycling enthusiasts which is based in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor. Kakithon lived by outstanding effort, commitment and performance showed by their human power.

Kakithon systematic training plan, sports education, and racing trips was supported by Sports Science Panel, Faculty of Education UTM, UTM Sports Unit, Kolej Tun Hussein Onn and Johor Triathlon Club. Also support pouring from UTM Alumni who were running and cycling enthusiasts back in year 2001 to 2006.

Kakithon named by one of its founder based on word ‘kaki’ in Malay language means ‘legs’. And ‘thon’ is come from words marathon, towerthon, climbathon, triathlon, duathlon, and more words ended by thon at the back. This is means, this group will participate in all kind of race which is involve the movement by legs. Furthermore, ‘kaki’ in Malay language also means ‘diehard fans’ or fanatics. Kakithon can describe as a group of race enthusiasts that racing in all kind of race which is involve the movement by legs, or the race name ended by word ..thon at the back.

This KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2009, will Kakithon first race for their second year of born. Hope Kakithon will perform their best to give better result than last year towerthon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAKITHON!

Kakithon website :
Contact Person : Ong 016-4339095, Mr. Black 012-7473468

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Domestique Rider

Could you imagine, you train hard, ride fast, work a lot for the sake of other people that normally called "Boss"? In cycling, there a numberous of riders that get their paid for this task. The riders called Domestique Rider. This unique role will begin when the wheels get rolled.

A domestique is a road bicycle racer who works solely for the benefit of his or her team and leader. The French domestique literally translates as "servant", though the French term for such a team worker is porteur d'eau (literally: water carrier, like the German Wassertr├Ąger).
In Italy and Spain, the term gregario (a kind of soldier of the roman legions, "one into the group" is used, while in Belgium and the Netherlands the term knecht ("servant") or helper ("helper") is used.
The domestique's own performance (finish time) is considered unimportant as long as he/she can help his/her leader achieve a better position in the race. They do not share the fame of the cycling leaders such as Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault or Lance Armstrong, but are vital to their efforts and can attract praise and attention from media and fans alike.
Occasionally domestiques achieve fame of their own, such as Lucien Aimar who supported the renowned Jacques Anquetil, but ended up winning the 1966 Tour de France. More recently, American Greg LeMond won the 1986 Tour de France after serving as Bernard Hinault's domestique in the 1985 Tour de France. The roles of the Domestiques and the sprinters can also be switched in races that are not as important to the sprinter.
For example, in 2005, Lance Armstrong served as a domestique for George Hincapie in the classic one day bike races, because they are more important to Hincapie and less important to Armstrong.

Basic Support
Some general important tasks carried out by the domestiques include retrieving water and nutrition from team cars and bringing it back up to the rest of the team and shielding teammates from aggressive opponents. They are also vital in helping teammates cope with mechanical disasters – should the leader suffer a puncture, the domestique will shield him as they pull over, wait with him until they have replaced the wheel, then cycle in front of him to create a slipstream allowing them to quickly reclaim their position.

A domestique may also be called upon to sacrifice his or her bicycle or one of the wheels, if the leader has a puncture, depending on the circumstances. In the finale of a race the latter is more common, earlier in the race the leader prefers waiting for the spare bike, which is specially prepared for the leader.

Tactical Support
Domestiques are also important for racing in a way that is in the tactical interest of their own team, or against the tactical interest of the opposing teams. By putting themselves in a breakaway they force other teams to chase the given breakaway. In turn, they may have to get to the front of the peloton to chase a breakaway that threatens their team's goals.Several domestiques will help sprinters by giving them a 'lead-out' - racing at a high tempo with the sprinter 'drafting' behind and conserving energy until the last few hundred metres.

The formation is called the lead-out train, at important professional races sometimes starting as early as 10-15 km to the finish with up to 6-8 domestiques setting a furious pace to discourage other riders from attempting to break away. One by one, worn-out team mates will drop off. The last team mate to lead a designated sprinter during the last 1-2 km is often a good sprinter himself, sacrificing his chances for his companion. The sprinter himself will launch him- or herself at high speed into a rapid dash to the finish line with only one or two hundred meters to go.

Similarly, on mountainous races or stages, the better Climbers help their team leaders by setting up a pace up the climbs, or thwarting attacks from other riders by following their wheel.

Hierarchy among domestiques and the Super Domestique
There is a kind of hierarchy among domestiques; the more accomplished riders among them, often called "lieutenants" or "super-domestiques" are called upon during especially critical times in a race. Generally, the lieutenant(s) will stay with the team leader as long as possible during especially demanding periods in a race.

For example, Lance Armstrong typically used two or three teammates to set a vicious pace during key mountain stages of the Tour de France before a late and often decisive attack. Examples of super-domestiques in the 2008 Tour de France are Andy Schleck (Team CSC) and George Hincapie (Team Columbia).

Individual glory
On tours like the Tour de France, domestiques sometimes get a chance to win stages. Typically this occurs in the latter parts of the race on an undulating but not too hilly stage. In such conditions, outright contenders will typically have no incentive to ride hard as the stage is not tough enough to "crack" strong climbers, but it is sufficiently tough to make it too strenuous for sprint specialists to keep up on the hills and win bunch finishes at the conclusion.

In the Tour de France, sprinters and their teams are often also waiting for the last stage on the Champs Elysees, which has a large number of sprint points available and is a very prestigious stage for a sprinter to win.

Therefore, in such conditions domestiques whose overall standings do not represent a threat to the leaders in the various jersey competitions will probably not be systematically chased down by other teams if they break away from the peloton. In this situation, they can have a chance to achieve a stage win.Riders serving as domestiques often progress to more senior roles in a team if they show sufficient ability.

Evolution of the domestique
The UCI points system changed the relationship between the domestiques and their team leaders. Prior to the introduction of the points system, riders in general were not concerned with their finishing order in the races.

However, with the introduction of the points system, professional riders are given points depending on their finishing order at every UCI-sanctioned race. This induces pressure on the domestiques to put into consideration their own performances, instead of sacrificing everything for their team leaders.

The 1990s saw the introduction of radio communication systems, allowing team members and managers a way to communicate, either one-way or two-way.

The importance of the team domestiques become greater, because a well-equipped and organized team can follow the evolution of the race and assign tasks to their riders regardless of where they are in the race. Sprint trains and climbing trains were developed with the increasing importance of team tactics, and at the same time team leaders are less likely to make early, risky attacks in the races.


My code was TRT 06, as a the vein in Le Tour de Langkawi 2009. The tour begun on 9-15 February 2009.Started at Putrajaya and the tour ended at Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur. This 14th edition seems like low budget tour, only covered the center region of Peninsular Malaysia.

I worked in the unit called Timing, Result and Photo Finish. I assigned to work under Mr Frederick from Hong Kong, along side with his staff Lam and Law, supported by our unit drivers Mr Mazlan and Mr Zakaria.We given a van and VW Golf GTI plus Proton Pesona as our transport to did our job.

Our job seems hard because we need to involved in pre-race preparation, during the race for instant result and timing recording, and post race to produced latest results of the day. Working closely with, the President Commisaire, the Commisaires, Judges, Time Keeper, and Team Managers.All this guys came from Ireland, Estonia, China, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, France and many more countries.Just used simple English to communicate especially dealed with Italian, French and Chinese. They are very proud of their langguage.

Pre Race Job:
- Prepared starting list of the day
- Prepared team's car order
- Monitor riders signing for the race
- Set up photo finish cameras at finish line

During Race:
- Set the timing
- Need to be at the intermediate sprints and King of Mountain (recorded the result)
- Sent a result to Chief Judge immediately after each sprint for announcing on Tour's Radio
- Need to proceed early to each line before the riders passing by

Post Race:
- received the data from each riders transponder once they crossed the cable on the finish line,
- processed the data
- printed the data and result
- the Commisaires will have a meeting to santioned the result
- once the Chief Judge have sactioned the result, need to print out the results to distribute to many parties like media, organizers, and the most important is Team Managers

Our job start 1:30 hour before the race begin, and normally completed at 8:30 pm every day.Are you fit enough? This job only for who are committed and interested..(+120% focus)

May next year LTdL, we can see local people will manage this kind of job, the heart of the tour success.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Time is Closer..

Le Tour de Langkawi 2009 will opened their curtain on week, 20 teams, 120 riders will ride the tour covered more than 1000km.

I as a part of organizer generator, need to report myself tomorrow early in the morning. Ready to give and serve my country, in their mission to execute most celebrated tour in Asia since 1996.

So that, hope I can gain new valuable experience and new members from around the globe..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Le Tour de Langkawi 2009

Yesterday, I'm officially appointed by race organizer as a part of the Race Result and Timing Unit. Directly appointed by Race Technical Director. Working together with Race Commisaire, Judges, and Race Timing System Team. Quite new for me to experiencing tour race, plus as an important role that our unit will play.

So this Sunday need to reported myself at Palace of Golden Horses early in the morning. Then my duty will started.

Le Tour de Langkawi 2009, will be held on 7-15 February 2009. The race consist 7 stages, more than 1000 km..but this year the tour just around centre of Malaysia Peninsular.

Hope I can gain an experience as much as I can. Then doing my job for the unit, the tour and for my country, Malaysia..

Tahun Lembu

Menurut kalendar Cina, tahun ini adalah tahun lembu..tak banyak info yg tahun mengenai zodiak ni..semoga rakan-rakan dan peminat-peminat sukan yang berbangsa Cina akan dapat menjalani tahun ini dengan lebih berjaya..HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR