Thursday, February 19, 2009


My code was TRT 06, as a the vein in Le Tour de Langkawi 2009. The tour begun on 9-15 February 2009.Started at Putrajaya and the tour ended at Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur. This 14th edition seems like low budget tour, only covered the center region of Peninsular Malaysia.

I worked in the unit called Timing, Result and Photo Finish. I assigned to work under Mr Frederick from Hong Kong, along side with his staff Lam and Law, supported by our unit drivers Mr Mazlan and Mr Zakaria.We given a van and VW Golf GTI plus Proton Pesona as our transport to did our job.

Our job seems hard because we need to involved in pre-race preparation, during the race for instant result and timing recording, and post race to produced latest results of the day. Working closely with, the President Commisaire, the Commisaires, Judges, Time Keeper, and Team Managers.All this guys came from Ireland, Estonia, China, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, France and many more countries.Just used simple English to communicate especially dealed with Italian, French and Chinese. They are very proud of their langguage.

Pre Race Job:
- Prepared starting list of the day
- Prepared team's car order
- Monitor riders signing for the race
- Set up photo finish cameras at finish line

During Race:
- Set the timing
- Need to be at the intermediate sprints and King of Mountain (recorded the result)
- Sent a result to Chief Judge immediately after each sprint for announcing on Tour's Radio
- Need to proceed early to each line before the riders passing by

Post Race:
- received the data from each riders transponder once they crossed the cable on the finish line,
- processed the data
- printed the data and result
- the Commisaires will have a meeting to santioned the result
- once the Chief Judge have sactioned the result, need to print out the results to distribute to many parties like media, organizers, and the most important is Team Managers

Our job start 1:30 hour before the race begin, and normally completed at 8:30 pm every day.Are you fit enough? This job only for who are committed and interested..(+120% focus)

May next year LTdL, we can see local people will manage this kind of job, the heart of the tour success.

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