Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tired to Heard All This

"Sains sukan ko level berapa?

"Aku level 2 dah, ko plak?"

"Aku baru je level 1, bile ek ada kursus level 2?"

"Aku plak dah level 3 dah. Dah kira macam ada PhD dalam Sains Sukan."

"Oh, dulu penceramah tu kata ada level 1 sains sukan ni dah macam ada Ijazah dah."

"Kalo camtu, aku yang ada level 2 ni kira cam ada Master la."

What the f**k they all thinking and talking?
PhD. in sports science after attending Level 3 Sports Science Course?
Degree in sports science for 3 days 2 nights Level 1 Sports Science Course?
Hey, open your mind! Start thinking rationally and broaden your 'level 1,2,3' thought about sports science knowledge!

This scenario now day humiliating our sport coaches and PE teachers in Malaysia. As sports science educator in local university, I ashamed to hear and not to attempt in this conversation when normally raised when two 'sports' people meet. This phenomenon happen since last 4-5 years ago when national sports bodies introducing sports science knowledge for coaches and 'sports personnel'. Short course conducted to offer the sport science knowledge for specific targeted population.

This idea broadly supported by most of academician in local universities and also ministries. Academician took a responsible to create and arrange the syllabus that suitable to pour for the main target population. The main objective was to educate and to give an exposure about sports science knowledge to this population. It is great additional 'tools' for developing and producing better and great athletes from Malaysia. Perhaps with this knowledge coaches, teachers and athletes can be more competent in each sports performed.

But, the race among this fellas (coaches, teachers, and 'sports personnel') to achieve or maybe worst just to attending the courses organized, seem like mortifying the main objective was set before. Coaches grab the chance to attending this course to be qualified coach at district, state and national level coaching. Teachers grasp this course until ultimate level (level 3) to receive an extra allowance provided by the ministry who are appreciating the sports science qualification that has in each of their teachers. For remain group who are claim as 'sports personnel', mostly attending the courses just enough to make themselves proud and 'look great or cool' than the people who doesn't.

As conclusion, this time I want to let the readers make your own conclusion. Perhaps near the future it is hardly to hear a conversation as above when two sports men meet.

"Got first degree in 5 years. Completing Master Degree in 2 years. Hope to finish my PhD in less than a week!"

"Berpijaklah di bumi yang nyata!"

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nutrition Aspect for Ramadhan

Muslim started for fasting month last 22nd Aug. They cannot eat and drinks during day time. In Malaysia, fasting start at 5:30am and ending around 7:30pm. It is mean most Muslims fast around 14 hours, the time without any food and water can be consumed.

There are a lot of benefits or "hikmah" while a person fasting. Physiologically, human organs such as intestine, kidneys, pancreas, and much more can reduce their work load, it is time to 'rest': the load that they carry since we were born.

As preparation to fasting during day time, we need to consume a same amount of calories as normal day. But it must be consume between 7:30pm to 5:30am around 10 hours. Daily calories intake for normal people is around 1800-2200 kilo calories (kcal) perday. As an athlete it is depend on the value of energy consumption for activities planned to do. Normally around 2500-3000 kcal perday.

Normally, people breakfast at 7:30pm with heavy dish same as normal day dinner meals. Dish such as white rice with chicken curry, ‘asam pedas’, meat, vegetables, fruits and specialty food during Ramadhan like a murtabak, bubur lambok, and traditional cakes or kuih-muih. Not to forget a dates to break a fast. The very best kind of fruit that high in calories.

Then at 4:30am, people start to wake up and eat 'sahur'. It seems like eating late dinner or very early heavy breakfast. At this time, people always take a same dish like break a fast early before. Sometime, people preferred fresh meal and of course hot, such as fried rice, fried mee hoon, soup and bread and as simple as a glass of milk and dates. It is depend on how your appetite or stomach can adapt a new time to consuming heavy meal during this time.

So that, people must not forget to drinks a lot of water; at least eight glasses of water perday. There are a lot of water that become a specialty during Ramadhan; Kathira, Bandung Cincau, ABC Rock, Cendol, Air Tauhu and a lot to name it. But not to forget to drinks more plain water or mineral water instead drinking more tasteful water to avoid high glucose in blood or maybe worst in urine. Furthermore, drinking a lot of water is to make sure that nobody will feel dehydration symptoms such as dizziness, 'black eyes', and worst come to worst faint; of course cannot eligible to proceed the fasting.

Carbohydrate sources as simple as white bread, white rice, mee, mee hoon, kue teow, spaghetti, pastas, etc are the main source of fuel to energize the fasting day. Major intake of carbohydrate foods can make sure most of people's day stays fresh and energetic until the last minutes before break a fast.

Protein sources cannot be forgetting. Consume a two to three portion of chicken, fish, meat or taufu can be great for body recovery and tissues development. Plus, protein can make sure level of hormon remains stable.

Finally not to forget to take micro nutrient food that provides vitamins C, calcium, antioxidant, sodium and potassium. The food such green vegetables, carrot, tomatoes, fresh fruits, milk and eggs can be taken regularly.

As conclusion, there were no any major issues regarding of meals during Ramadhan. As long as everybody know what to eat, what to drink and what is should to avoid to consume. Perhaps when everybody can manage their daily caloric intake and the quality of each meal taken, during Aidilfitri there were zero percent of sickness or discomfort happen; that may disturb your Aidilfitri happiness.

"Eat right, for a quality Ramadhan day"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was survived from Influenza A (H1N1)!

Last Monday night 10 Aug was the day that I never forgot. I was started coughing continuously. My night sleep disturbed since then.

Then on Tuesday after my Physiology class, my head was so heavy and 'berdenyut-denyut'. Before the class I can felt that kind of situation but it getting worse when evening came. I decided to 'ponteng' my night class and headed back to home. Flat and 'lepak habis'. My heart rate increased, my joins started to felt the pain, 'sengal-sengal' and 'berdenyut-denyut'. The simptoms started to appeared. I can't properly sat to watch TV, only managed to lie on the couch. My dinner that night bought by my housemate. (my first dose of paracetamol was 1200mg). I was suspected! See next 48 hours, what will be happen.

Wednesday, after can't slept all over the night because of very high body temperature, maybe nearly 40 degree Celcius, my head started felt dizzily and my nose start to generate more mucus and sneeze. On afternoon, I rode my motorbike to found a fresh coconut and drank the fresh water. I can felt my skin hair stood still. It was so cold when the breeze touches my skin. Luckily that day I can eat lunch (McDonald) and have a good dinner (nasi lemak ayam). I drank a lot of warm water and also coconut water each 2 hours interval (I bought an extra quantity for stock). My urine color was very clear and I managed to pee every 30 minutes. (my second dose of paracetamol was 1200mg)

Thursday, was my birthday (13 Aug). No wishes I received, but painful virus named H1N1. (Just two SMS from my student and my buddies Syarul). I rode again my motorbike to drank coconut water and refill my stock. I felt the same situation as yesterday. But I can’t eat any food, no appetite, but my stomach so hungry. If I ate any types of food, I’m sure I will vomit it. I let my stomach empty until 7pm. I swam in swimming pool in the evening to entertain myself. My heart pumped outrageously and I decided to shorten my workout. I ate KFC Snack Plate, together with my housemate before we watch District 9 at cinema. Before slept, I dissolved and drank 2 tablets of Panadol Soluble. Then blackout! I remembered I slept wore a sweater, but when I woke up at 4am, my sweater already on my hand and my body sweating heavily on my bed. All getting wet, I changed my sleep location and continue my rest until 8am.

Friday morning was a great feeling for me after 48 hours of battling with the heavy fever, headache, joins stiffness, muscles pain and sneeze. I went to motorbike shop to service my motorbike on the afternoon. I ate small portion of food and drank a lot of warm water. I did jumping-jack, sit-up and I tried to increased my heart rate by exercising it. At night, I slept normally but my body temperature still high.

Saturday morning, I felt the pain was gone and my body temperature turned normal and I spent more time under shower. I rode my motorbike in the afternoon to have lunch at Shah Alam to entertain myself and to make sure I already healed from this endemic called Influenza A H1N1. Alhamdulillah I have very strong antibodies crews and knowledge how to make sure my crews did their job at an optimum level.

Ramadhan Menjelma Kembali

"Bila syaitan kembali ke Neraka,
bila manusia kembali memenuhi surau di malam hari,
bila budak-budak keluar malam konon ke Tarawikh tapi tiada di surau,
bila orang keluar berbelanja gila-gila,
bila kemasukan gula sentiasa berkurangan,
bila kemasukan duit yang banyak datang dari jualan makanan yang kurang kualitinya,
itu tandanya Ramadhan sudah menjelma.."

Di atas antara situasi yang sering di alami oleh kebanyakan rakyat di negara ini. Kemunculan Ramadhan sentiasa dinantikan oleh mereka yang mengenali erti penghayatan bulan yang penuh keberkatan ini.

Gambar semasa Konvensyen Industri Sukan Malaysia 2009 di Berjaya Times Square

Penghayatan yang unggul bukan sahaja menahan diri daripada lapar dan dahaga serta perkara-perkara yang boleh membatalkan puasa, tetapi keteguhan iman menjaga puasanya daripada dinodai unsur-unsur kemaksiatan dan kemungkaran.

Dalam berbelanja, rakyat Malaysia tidak lokek menabur sejumlah wang di meja juruwang di pasaraya besar, di pasar-pasar Ramadhan, dan juga di restoran atau hotel-hotel mewah bagi memenuhi nafsu mereka. Sukar melihat wang tersebut ditaburkan kepada golongan fakir, anak-anak jalanan dan warga tua dengan ikhlas tanpa perlu ada liputan media dan replika cek sebesar pintu.

Kedaifan golongan yang memerlukan bantuan melihat Ramadhan sebagi bulan rahmat di mana mereka akan lebih di hargai dan pada penghujungnya mereka bakal menerima bantuan wang zakat-sebuah sistem kewangan Islam yang sangat bijak.

Kenaifan pemikiran golongan yang berada membuatkan Ramadhan sebagai bulan untuk rakus berbelanja memenuhi tuntutan nafsu makan, nafsu perabot baru, nafsu hiasan rumah baru, nafsu kenderaan baru, nafsu pakaian baru dan nafsu meraikan Aidilfitri dengan sambutan yang gilang-gemilang. Tidak dilupakan Ramadhan juga dilihat sebagai bulan untuk bermulanya kiraan akaun buku hutang bagi tahun yang baru.

Semoga Ramadhan bagi diriku pada tahun ini membawa seribu keberkatan dan keinsafan dalam mensyukuri segala nikmatNya. Supaya nanti akan dikurniakan gandaan limpahan rezeki dan kebahagiaan buat diriku, keluargaku, sahabat-sahabatku, guru-guruku dan kenalan-kenalanku. Jauhilah kami dari kedaifan zahir dan kenaifan akal fikir.

Salam Ramadhan..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Fate of Malaysia's Sepak Takraw

"Your sport is not a high performance sport,". This statement was reported by one of my athlete who was being disappointed by one of the sport officer in his university after asking for university support to participate in duathlon race last year. Besides working as staff in university sports unit, this officer was a national sepak takraw coach.

My father was a sepak takraw player since he was 10 year old to early 40's. His 30 years experience in sepak takraw drives him to be a good state player in 1970’s-1980. Later in 1990's he played sepak takraw as a sport, not in high level competition, he start to be tournament official as national level umpire. I was remember when my father's team manager, came to our home at 4 pm and waiting for my father arrive from his workplace at 4:30 pm. Then I saw my father packed his stuff, immediately leaved a home with his team manager who was drove a taxi. That routine happens almost 10 times per month when I was 4-6 years old.

On weekend, normally I spent my time with my father is watching him played in tournament, far from him together with others spectators. From morning till his team won or reaching final, normally. I still remember when was the last time I follow him to play sepak takraw is about 10 years ago.

Now day, sepak takraw is one of the high performance sports in Malaysia’s Sport Development Program. Sepak takraw asked to achieve gold medal in SEA Games and Asian Games. But as the result, we as Malaysia cannot saw and see the results! We lose not only to our traditional arch-rival, Thailand, but also to new developed team such as Indonesia and South Korea easily. What was happen? What was wrong? Who is to blame?

We are tired to heard National Team back off from SEA Games because of the new ball issues, tired to read newspapers reported Persatuan Sepak Takraw Malaysia (PSM) politicking with higher and more powerful sepak takraw organization, etc.

As a reality, PSM was informed “tak buat kerja,” or not doing their job by other parties such as spectators. The evidence is lack of number of tournament in one year. The only national level or inter state tournament now day is Piala Emas Khir Johari. Where are the national circuit such as Perillys Piala Emas (if I not mistaken) which was highly impact the development of national level player. Why PSM let the circuit died after the sponsors flew? Where is PSM ability to find potential sponsor? Is PSM know how to write a sponsorship proposal?

Secondly, the quality of national player was not same as previous national legendary player. Name of Zabidi Shariff, Nordin Shaharudin, Rosli Abdul Rahman was a player who was played sepak takraw for Malaysians, honor and big commission to win! But recently, national player just played sepak takraw for money, glamour and popularity (normally today’s Malaysian did know who are national players). It is about mentality, self concept, and goal setting.

Thirdly, a nation such as South Korea who was learned sepak takraw from Malaysia once upon a time ago can easily beat our national team. They learn not only the technique, but they deeply study and do a research in sports science aspect in sepak takraw. They can differentiate the type of shoes used by ‘apit kanan’ (killer), ‘tekong’ (server) and ‘apit kiri’ (feeder). Besides, they included strength training, plyometric training, technique invention, and maybe one day, mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph body type can affect the positioning in the game.

It is time for PSM, players, coaches to do something highly impact the progression of sepak takraw in Malaysia. There are many ways for them to improve. Many parties can support this progression. As Malaysian, I reluctant to see the sport that we were the dominator once time receiving a same fate like Malaysian football in near future. The clock is ticking and please starts thinking effectively!

"Is sepak takraw still high performance sport, Sir?"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MUDS 2009 Path: UM the Finale

Finally MUDS 2009, closed their curtain on Saturday 1st Aug. Universiti Malaya, the oldest university in Malaysia, was a great race venue; the race clinic & briefing facilities, and the unique and hilly race course itself!

As expected, UTM make their appearances each year with major impact for their achievement but also surprised most of the mass participation from other universities (UPNM, IIUM, UM).

UM- final leg of 2009 MUDS

This leg, once again Muhammad Nazri race hard to claim first place and Ong Wei Xiang finished the race close behind for second place. Nurhidayah Nasir showed her consistent appearance since the first leg in UM to sat on third spot, behind Norjuliana Ali and Stephanie Chok, first and second places respectively. Men relay team consist Chan, Lim and Yong Han on second place, while first timer Wong Chin Chun finished his very first duathlon race. Nazihah who was two times Women’s Open Champion in UPM and UNITEN, quit the race after her tire punctured before fist lap of cycling.

Overall, Muhammad Nazri (Ayie) named as PowerBar Men’s Duathlete of the Year, followed previous winner also from UTM, Ong Wei Xiang, who claims third overall. Nurhidayah Nasir on third position overall for PowerBar Women’s Duathlete of the Year behind the winner Stephanie Chok, UiTM and second place Norjuliana Ali, IIUM. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia grabs the Best University Award from previous winner UPNM with strong and consistent performance. While UPNM still recorded the highest number of participants to won the Top University Award.

winner faces, glory and victories

Meanwhile Kakithon Advisor, Mr Black won an iPod Shuffle for consistent performance to attend all three PowerBar Duathlon Clinic in UPM, UNITEN and UM. A bonus for him and an extra shine for UTM especially Kakithoner’s victories in this year MUDS. Later he recorded all three legs he raced after managed to cycle to the race venue and back.

Finally, I feel so delightful with Kakithoner’s performance in this year MUDS, and proofed to others that this sport can gained many high impact exposure especially from media, new network and of course race tactical. I hope for next year MUDS, UTM will make a serious preparation, planning and dominant in top five ranks for most of race categories offered.

Thanks to Quick Release Adventures, Malakoff Corporation, PowerBar, UPM, UNITEN, UM and others sponsors for the successful MUDS fever this season.

with my iPod and Dr Wardah, sporting UM lecturer

Hopefully, near the future MASUM especially offering duathlon or triathlon race in their yearly calendar to add some fresh addiction to their old school, boring and 'no where' game sports.