Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tired to Heard All This

"Sains sukan ko level berapa?

"Aku level 2 dah, ko plak?"

"Aku baru je level 1, bile ek ada kursus level 2?"

"Aku plak dah level 3 dah. Dah kira macam ada PhD dalam Sains Sukan."

"Oh, dulu penceramah tu kata ada level 1 sains sukan ni dah macam ada Ijazah dah."

"Kalo camtu, aku yang ada level 2 ni kira cam ada Master la."

What the f**k they all thinking and talking?
PhD. in sports science after attending Level 3 Sports Science Course?
Degree in sports science for 3 days 2 nights Level 1 Sports Science Course?
Hey, open your mind! Start thinking rationally and broaden your 'level 1,2,3' thought about sports science knowledge!

This scenario now day humiliating our sport coaches and PE teachers in Malaysia. As sports science educator in local university, I ashamed to hear and not to attempt in this conversation when normally raised when two 'sports' people meet. This phenomenon happen since last 4-5 years ago when national sports bodies introducing sports science knowledge for coaches and 'sports personnel'. Short course conducted to offer the sport science knowledge for specific targeted population.

This idea broadly supported by most of academician in local universities and also ministries. Academician took a responsible to create and arrange the syllabus that suitable to pour for the main target population. The main objective was to educate and to give an exposure about sports science knowledge to this population. It is great additional 'tools' for developing and producing better and great athletes from Malaysia. Perhaps with this knowledge coaches, teachers and athletes can be more competent in each sports performed.

But, the race among this fellas (coaches, teachers, and 'sports personnel') to achieve or maybe worst just to attending the courses organized, seem like mortifying the main objective was set before. Coaches grab the chance to attending this course to be qualified coach at district, state and national level coaching. Teachers grasp this course until ultimate level (level 3) to receive an extra allowance provided by the ministry who are appreciating the sports science qualification that has in each of their teachers. For remain group who are claim as 'sports personnel', mostly attending the courses just enough to make themselves proud and 'look great or cool' than the people who doesn't.

As conclusion, this time I want to let the readers make your own conclusion. Perhaps near the future it is hardly to hear a conversation as above when two sports men meet.

"Got first degree in 5 years. Completing Master Degree in 2 years. Hope to finish my PhD in less than a week!"

"Berpijaklah di bumi yang nyata!"

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