Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was survived from Influenza A (H1N1)!

Last Monday night 10 Aug was the day that I never forgot. I was started coughing continuously. My night sleep disturbed since then.

Then on Tuesday after my Physiology class, my head was so heavy and 'berdenyut-denyut'. Before the class I can felt that kind of situation but it getting worse when evening came. I decided to 'ponteng' my night class and headed back to home. Flat and 'lepak habis'. My heart rate increased, my joins started to felt the pain, 'sengal-sengal' and 'berdenyut-denyut'. The simptoms started to appeared. I can't properly sat to watch TV, only managed to lie on the couch. My dinner that night bought by my housemate. (my first dose of paracetamol was 1200mg). I was suspected! See next 48 hours, what will be happen.

Wednesday, after can't slept all over the night because of very high body temperature, maybe nearly 40 degree Celcius, my head started felt dizzily and my nose start to generate more mucus and sneeze. On afternoon, I rode my motorbike to found a fresh coconut and drank the fresh water. I can felt my skin hair stood still. It was so cold when the breeze touches my skin. Luckily that day I can eat lunch (McDonald) and have a good dinner (nasi lemak ayam). I drank a lot of warm water and also coconut water each 2 hours interval (I bought an extra quantity for stock). My urine color was very clear and I managed to pee every 30 minutes. (my second dose of paracetamol was 1200mg)

Thursday, was my birthday (13 Aug). No wishes I received, but painful virus named H1N1. (Just two SMS from my student and my buddies Syarul). I rode again my motorbike to drank coconut water and refill my stock. I felt the same situation as yesterday. But I can’t eat any food, no appetite, but my stomach so hungry. If I ate any types of food, I’m sure I will vomit it. I let my stomach empty until 7pm. I swam in swimming pool in the evening to entertain myself. My heart pumped outrageously and I decided to shorten my workout. I ate KFC Snack Plate, together with my housemate before we watch District 9 at cinema. Before slept, I dissolved and drank 2 tablets of Panadol Soluble. Then blackout! I remembered I slept wore a sweater, but when I woke up at 4am, my sweater already on my hand and my body sweating heavily on my bed. All getting wet, I changed my sleep location and continue my rest until 8am.

Friday morning was a great feeling for me after 48 hours of battling with the heavy fever, headache, joins stiffness, muscles pain and sneeze. I went to motorbike shop to service my motorbike on the afternoon. I ate small portion of food and drank a lot of warm water. I did jumping-jack, sit-up and I tried to increased my heart rate by exercising it. At night, I slept normally but my body temperature still high.

Saturday morning, I felt the pain was gone and my body temperature turned normal and I spent more time under shower. I rode my motorbike in the afternoon to have lunch at Shah Alam to entertain myself and to make sure I already healed from this endemic called Influenza A H1N1. Alhamdulillah I have very strong antibodies crews and knowledge how to make sure my crews did their job at an optimum level.

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