Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MUDS 2009 Path: UM the Finale

Finally MUDS 2009, closed their curtain on Saturday 1st Aug. Universiti Malaya, the oldest university in Malaysia, was a great race venue; the race clinic & briefing facilities, and the unique and hilly race course itself!

As expected, UTM make their appearances each year with major impact for their achievement but also surprised most of the mass participation from other universities (UPNM, IIUM, UM).

UM- final leg of 2009 MUDS

This leg, once again Muhammad Nazri race hard to claim first place and Ong Wei Xiang finished the race close behind for second place. Nurhidayah Nasir showed her consistent appearance since the first leg in UM to sat on third spot, behind Norjuliana Ali and Stephanie Chok, first and second places respectively. Men relay team consist Chan, Lim and Yong Han on second place, while first timer Wong Chin Chun finished his very first duathlon race. Nazihah who was two times Women’s Open Champion in UPM and UNITEN, quit the race after her tire punctured before fist lap of cycling.

Overall, Muhammad Nazri (Ayie) named as PowerBar Men’s Duathlete of the Year, followed previous winner also from UTM, Ong Wei Xiang, who claims third overall. Nurhidayah Nasir on third position overall for PowerBar Women’s Duathlete of the Year behind the winner Stephanie Chok, UiTM and second place Norjuliana Ali, IIUM. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia grabs the Best University Award from previous winner UPNM with strong and consistent performance. While UPNM still recorded the highest number of participants to won the Top University Award.

winner faces, glory and victories

Meanwhile Kakithon Advisor, Mr Black won an iPod Shuffle for consistent performance to attend all three PowerBar Duathlon Clinic in UPM, UNITEN and UM. A bonus for him and an extra shine for UTM especially Kakithoner’s victories in this year MUDS. Later he recorded all three legs he raced after managed to cycle to the race venue and back.

Finally, I feel so delightful with Kakithoner’s performance in this year MUDS, and proofed to others that this sport can gained many high impact exposure especially from media, new network and of course race tactical. I hope for next year MUDS, UTM will make a serious preparation, planning and dominant in top five ranks for most of race categories offered.

Thanks to Quick Release Adventures, Malakoff Corporation, PowerBar, UPM, UNITEN, UM and others sponsors for the successful MUDS fever this season.

with my iPod and Dr Wardah, sporting UM lecturer

Hopefully, near the future MASUM especially offering duathlon or triathlon race in their yearly calendar to add some fresh addiction to their old school, boring and 'no where' game sports.

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