Thursday, February 11, 2010

Localization & Disallowed

Le Tour de Langkawi 2010 will open their curtain this 1 Mar. The 15th edition of LTdL organized by Ministry of Youth & Sports in collaboration with Malaysian National Cycling Federation. The ministry takes over the organizational aspect from MNCF because of the certain problem rose after previous LTdL.

The ministry trying to minimize the budget in organizing this most prestigious seven stages tour in Asia. One of the initiative is to search local suppliers, local services and also local expertise to run the tour. This initiative is a great effort by ministry which have limited budget (lower than previous edition) but still in making sure this edition will be greatest ever LTdL since 1996.

The ministry appoints local expertise to head many of departments in their organizing committee, allocates local suppliers to supply their products and gives local companies to provide their services to strengthen the needs of 1Malaysia spirit.

The freaky aspect in this edition, technical expertise/consultant/whatever still hired outsiders expert to provide the service! That service specifically for electronic timing, result and photo finish services. As we know, in Malaysia we have two companies which can provide that service. One of the company have an exactly and maybe up to date devices, better than that foreign company. But none of them were asking to have a presentation or give any chance to promote their expertise in front of the committees.

what did they do in our tour?

This matter seems too simple for LTdL'10 technical expertise/consultant/whatever, but he/she/they should looking this matter in many specific aspect. Firstly, the tour can save a lot of their budget for paying local company instead burn a lot of RM for the service that local company can give more even better (the company LTdL hired for that kind of service already received complaint from previous LTdL President Commissaires and many comlaints from others tour organizers in Asia). Secondly, whether if this local company will experiencing their first tour, it is an appreciation for the company to give their best for the sake of 1Malaysia spirit. Thirdly this is our tour, Malaysian tour, this is the time for Malaysian to prove to the world that we can stand by our own leg in organizing LTdL, the most celebrating tour in Asia. We did not want outsiders expertise anymore.

expert from the outer space

Perhaps, the organizing committee will do their homework in details and longer duration to making sure their vision "Local goes Global" will be happen next edition of Le Tour de Langkawi (if UCI satisfied and still give a green light to Malaysia to organize LTdL) by allowing local experts to show their expertise.

P/s: "Jangan kerana nila setitik, rosak santan sebelanga"
"Janganlah kudis lama, berdarah kembali..Janganlah sehingga kudis baru ini akan menjadi tokak"

Monday, February 8, 2010

May and Me, May God Protect Me

May 2010, I will be back to work. Seven P's in hand. Start fresh, I don't want to remember what I was, where I'm, what I have done before I was left my work for my postgraduate study in 2009. I will working with new boss, maybe new atmosphere, new students, I guess new syllabus. That I was expecting now. I'm not IronMan anymore.

Back to work when I not yet completing my postgraduate study, is something like ?????. As my postgraduate study in course work mode, I need 4 semester equivalent to 2 years to completing my study. That I was proposed last 2008 and being accepted. Jokerily, the superior gave me only a year for my study leave. But it was fine because I can apply for extension. But the extension on for one semester and it is now. So, I will completing my final semester and my final project not in full time study basis. As many people will noticed, I have a lot of workload to put on my shoulders.

me and the iron horse

Furthermore, I need to attending a class and seeking a supervisor every weekday, not a weekend! Moreover, I need to ride to UPM in the morning, finish my business in the afternoon till sunset, then riding back 360km to JB for a night sleep before scan my matrix card 8 am in the morning at faculty.

Until now I don't understand why the administrators make this decision and let that kind of situation will be happen. As myself I only see that I will put myself in the risk four times each month for four months until I finished my study.

May God protect me!

7 P's: Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran, Penyelidikan, Penyeliaan, Penulisan dan Penerbitan, Perundingan, Pentadbiran dan Pengurusan, and Perkhidmatan Masyarakat

My plus 3 P's: Perjalanan (Mileage increasing!), Project Paper (must be completing), Perbelanjaan (expenses will increasing!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happiness and Satisfaction

You're unable to make others always happy, because sometimes maybe others unsatisfied with you. You can't fulfill your satisfaction, if because you can't create happiness for others.

February 2010, 13th months after I was left my routine as academician in UTM, to fulfill the requirement to completing my post-graduate study. Since the beginning 2009, I live my life as student, but full of commitments. I never let myself to feel that I was a student, and thinking like a student. In contrast, I wearing the shoes that academicians wear and walk as industrial player.

My commitment to my study still as main priority at all times. Plus my involvement in developing rare kind of business with the team since the beginning, giving myself a chance to studying and experiencing a real situation in the industry.

working at Sepang International Circuit in Timing Control Room

After 13 months of effort, now I and the team can stand with this sports industry demands. First month after establishing our existence in this kind of services, our weekend schedule were full of racing events. By the time our R&D still ongoing, an innovation that not everybody can think about it.

Now, I can say that I'm happy with my situation that I live in. But certain situation or decision
by others unable to satisfy myself. Positively looking forward to overcome the situation in making sure my life still under my command and increasing my potential day after day.