Monday, February 8, 2010

May and Me, May God Protect Me

May 2010, I will be back to work. Seven P's in hand. Start fresh, I don't want to remember what I was, where I'm, what I have done before I was left my work for my postgraduate study in 2009. I will working with new boss, maybe new atmosphere, new students, I guess new syllabus. That I was expecting now. I'm not IronMan anymore.

Back to work when I not yet completing my postgraduate study, is something like ?????. As my postgraduate study in course work mode, I need 4 semester equivalent to 2 years to completing my study. That I was proposed last 2008 and being accepted. Jokerily, the superior gave me only a year for my study leave. But it was fine because I can apply for extension. But the extension on for one semester and it is now. So, I will completing my final semester and my final project not in full time study basis. As many people will noticed, I have a lot of workload to put on my shoulders.

me and the iron horse

Furthermore, I need to attending a class and seeking a supervisor every weekday, not a weekend! Moreover, I need to ride to UPM in the morning, finish my business in the afternoon till sunset, then riding back 360km to JB for a night sleep before scan my matrix card 8 am in the morning at faculty.

Until now I don't understand why the administrators make this decision and let that kind of situation will be happen. As myself I only see that I will put myself in the risk four times each month for four months until I finished my study.

May God protect me!

7 P's: Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran, Penyelidikan, Penyeliaan, Penulisan dan Penerbitan, Perundingan, Pentadbiran dan Pengurusan, and Perkhidmatan Masyarakat

My plus 3 P's: Perjalanan (Mileage increasing!), Project Paper (must be completing), Perbelanjaan (expenses will increasing!)

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