Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happiness and Satisfaction

You're unable to make others always happy, because sometimes maybe others unsatisfied with you. You can't fulfill your satisfaction, if because you can't create happiness for others.

February 2010, 13th months after I was left my routine as academician in UTM, to fulfill the requirement to completing my post-graduate study. Since the beginning 2009, I live my life as student, but full of commitments. I never let myself to feel that I was a student, and thinking like a student. In contrast, I wearing the shoes that academicians wear and walk as industrial player.

My commitment to my study still as main priority at all times. Plus my involvement in developing rare kind of business with the team since the beginning, giving myself a chance to studying and experiencing a real situation in the industry.

working at Sepang International Circuit in Timing Control Room

After 13 months of effort, now I and the team can stand with this sports industry demands. First month after establishing our existence in this kind of services, our weekend schedule were full of racing events. By the time our R&D still ongoing, an innovation that not everybody can think about it.

Now, I can say that I'm happy with my situation that I live in. But certain situation or decision
by others unable to satisfy myself. Positively looking forward to overcome the situation in making sure my life still under my command and increasing my potential day after day.

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