Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MKA Development Team Dominate TriKids Duathlon in Cyberjaya

MKA Development Team or Mustaffa Kamal Development Team was dominating Tri Kids Duathlon in Cyberjaya on 13-14 June 2009. The team founder Mustaffa Kamal Ahmad brought his sons Ikram and Iman together with team's sports science personnel Mohd Ibrahim Azman for achieve their goals in this race.

Cyberjaya Tri Kids Duathlon Clinic and Race also highlighted the participation of DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan's Prince Tengku Muhammad Mua'az,9 and Tengku Fatimatuz Zahra', 7. Also came DYMM Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Nur Zahirah during race day on 14th June.

The team involved in the race for category 11-12 years old boys, 13-14 years old boys, and parents relay. Iman was champion in his category (11-12 years old boys), Ikram 4th (13-14 years old boys), while Mustaffa and Ibrahim won parents relay category. Nearly 250 participations came to experience the clinic and race together with their parents.

The effort for organizing this program is good for advance kick start to make sure the young get their experience and knowledge to prepare themselves to be future great duathlete. Besides, MKA Development Team will absort and enrich their sports science knowledge to become a leading development team for younger athlete.

Duathlon Intensive Training Camp

Next two weeks, I will attend Duathlon Intensive Training Camp. It will be part of my preparation for Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2009 in this coming July and August. Plus my body my resist a brutal training plan but still achievable for my physical attribute.

In this training camp, each individual will stressed about brick training, pacing and training at aerobic threshold capacity. Another sport science aspect involved such as biomechanical of riding (position on bike), optimum running technique, importance of recovery (MUDS will be held on three consecutive weeks), and nutrition for training, recovery and pre race.

MUDS will be a very fast race for me to adapt. While myself was good in endurance and ultra endurance. I need to 'recruit' more my white fiber twitch muscle to resist faster and high intensity workout. The race around maximum 4km of run, maximum of 14km bike and can finish below 60 minutes. No more gels during race, only water at the right amount can save your stomach.

For myself, I was looking forward to going through this training camp. My body fell good after Multi Sport Training Camp on May. So I will write again to update my training camp!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

JB City Eco Challenge 2009 - The First Ever Eco Challenge in the City!

Last 31 May 2009, I and my partner took part in JB City Eco Challenge. This race offered RM20,000 of prize money to brought back for athletes. There were four categories : Elite Men, Elite Mixed, Novice Men and Novice Mixed. In elite category, racers need to mountain biking, kayaking, running and passing an obstacle course to the fininsh run. While novice category just only running and did obstacle course.



As I and my partner competed in Elite Men category, it was tough for us especially my partner who was raced without any specific training. And I reached my in zone fitness level after attended Multisport Training Camp for 2 weeks, I have not faced any major problem. Malaysian elite triathlete such as Razani Husain, Shahrom Abdullah, Wong Ah Tiam, Stephanie Chok also competed in this first ever event.


Thanks to Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB), Creative Emotion and others sponsors to make this event happened. Hopefully next year we can race more longer in this eco challenge!

Multi Sport Training Camp Report 2

Well done! I was so delighted with my come back into my fitness zone after copleted my Multi Sport Training Camp. After two weeks of sytematic training, workout all day and some classes, I feel more than ready to going through my race season this year.

Last week during this camp, the training more focusing on speed and tempo workout. On Monday running at full effort and Tuesday managed to coplete 10km at race pace, but must stayed together as a group. On wednesday did brick training: cycling for one hour at 80% and run for 5 km at race speed. It was tough for certain camp members.

Then, complete rest on Friday for preparing ourself to racing on JB City Eco Challenge on Sunday. On Saturday cycling LSD happened at noon, and rode at 60-65%. Then in the evening we attend a race briefing and carbo dinner. So Sunday came, then everybody must shows their best in this race. Finally my team completed the race at 2hour and 5min, only got 8th paced for Men's Elite category.

Finally, Multi Sport Training Camp was a great effort to make it happend. As my self, I delighted to feel my body can resist all the training planned and I am now in 'My Zone'. Hopefully, next season the organizer can enlarge the number of participants and more input to give for reaching an objective : To educate an athlete about the importance of sports science knowledge in multi sport racing.