Thursday, June 4, 2009

Multi Sport Training Camp Report 2

Well done! I was so delighted with my come back into my fitness zone after copleted my Multi Sport Training Camp. After two weeks of sytematic training, workout all day and some classes, I feel more than ready to going through my race season this year.

Last week during this camp, the training more focusing on speed and tempo workout. On Monday running at full effort and Tuesday managed to coplete 10km at race pace, but must stayed together as a group. On wednesday did brick training: cycling for one hour at 80% and run for 5 km at race speed. It was tough for certain camp members.

Then, complete rest on Friday for preparing ourself to racing on JB City Eco Challenge on Sunday. On Saturday cycling LSD happened at noon, and rode at 60-65%. Then in the evening we attend a race briefing and carbo dinner. So Sunday came, then everybody must shows their best in this race. Finally my team completed the race at 2hour and 5min, only got 8th paced for Men's Elite category.

Finally, Multi Sport Training Camp was a great effort to make it happend. As my self, I delighted to feel my body can resist all the training planned and I am now in 'My Zone'. Hopefully, next season the organizer can enlarge the number of participants and more input to give for reaching an objective : To educate an athlete about the importance of sports science knowledge in multi sport racing.

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