Monday, May 25, 2009

Multi Sport Training Camp Report 1

From today I am starting to write a report or something regarding to this season Multi Sport Training Camp.
This camp as usually being held in Johor Bahru since last year. This two weeks camp organized for preparing a fitness and performance for JB City Eco Challenge this 31st May.

I was surprised when the first day of camp, the menu was kayaking at Johor Straits on Sunday. Started at 8:00am, I, Jiha, Dale, Azhar, Ali and his friend, a Japanese women, Hiroko and one guy from Singapore started to paddling about 3-4 km from Lido Beach to the turning point at the floating fisherman house ('kelong' in Malay) and back to Lido Beach. We escorted and instructed by the guys from Persatuan Kenu Negeri Johor. After finished kayaking session we continued with running from Lido Beach to Tasik Merdeka and back. It was around 8 km of run.

Next highlighted training session was night cycling. We were need to cycling around 2 hours for this session. The intensity was from moderate to a couple of sprinting. It was joyful and no pressure at all.

On Wednesday, once more night cycling session. The tempo training nearly sucked my glucose in my blood and burned my heart to pump at maximum aerobic threshold. It was good to do this routine in time trial position. After the session, we have a big dinner at 11 pm..then, zzz

On Friday afternoon, we instructed to do a cycling outing. Begun at 5:30 pm and last at 12 pm. We also freely can decide where to have a dinner that night or evening. When the night comes, we need to did a routine same as Tuesday night workout before. A couple of sprinting inserted in the training course to build a white fibre muscle in my legs! Finally need to cycle very slow back to the camp. Feel very tired and my muscle started to felt light sores..

Early Saturday morning, we need to mountain biking on the single track. It was a very tough course designed. Most of the route, we need to push and lift our MTB. Then cycle back slowly to the camp.

On Sunday morning, once again kayak session at Pantai Lido. This day we instructed to paddling effectively and did a few sets of 3km route. That was mean we paddled around 6-9km in the calm water of Straits of Johor. I and my buddy (my brother), Moose took an opportunity to snap a picture during paddling workout, it was fun!

Meanwhile in the class session, everybody attended a Periodization Principal, Base Training Concept, Nutrition and also an assignment was to plan a 12 weeks training program, tailored by ourselves for ourselves!

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