Monday, August 30, 2010

Kien Keat-Boon Heong fail to win world title

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PARIS: Malaysia's Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong fell in the final hurdle at the World Badminton Championships here on Sunday.

The world number one pair went down fighting 21-18, 18-21, 14-21 to China's Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng. The defeat now means that Malaysia will have to wait yet longer to land its first ever world badminton crown.

The Chinese pair, however, made history by becoming the first duo to win three world crowns.

However, just a day earlier on Saturday, Kien Keat-Boon Heong made it a great day in Paris for Malaysia when they stormed into the country’s first men’s doubles final in 13 years at the Pierre de Coubertin Stadium.

The duo showed strong determination to claw back from 10-16 in the second game to beat China’s Guo Zhengdong-Xu Chen 21-14, 21-18 in 40 minutes.

It was the Malaysian pair’s first final appearance in three outings after their failure to live up to expectations in the Kuala Lumpur in 2007 and Hyderabad last year.

For the record, Kien Keat-Boon Heong are only the fourth Malaysian pair to reach the final in the World Championships since its inception in 1977.

The others are Cheah Soon Kit-Yap Kim Hock (1997, Glasgow), Cheah Soon Kit-Soo Beng Kiang (1993, Birmingham) and Razif-Jalani Sidek (1987, Beijing).

p/s: Please stop dreaming for a while..too much pressure put on the pair shoulders. I watch this game live yesterday and at the half of second set I told my father who are badminton fanatic, "If this bullshit games and 4 point consecutively can be collected by China's pair, Malaysia will be fail to win!" and I zzzzzzzz maybe in the middle of second set. Another National Day prize wrongly delivered to China (after Lee Chong Wei failure in Olympic 2008)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rasulullah's Diet

Ramadhan sering kali memperlihatkan kebanyakan orang akan berbuka mengikut nafsu semata-mata. Maka ramai juga yang terhukum oleh peniaga pasar Ramadhan yang mengejar keuntungan berlipat ganda tanpa mengira kualiti makanan.

Namun ramai juga yang mengamalkan pemakanan sihat dan berjimat-cermat. Kalau makan macam-macam benda nanti perut akan buat hal dan lebih teruk akan menjejaskan kesihatan untuk jangka panjang.

Bukan dalam bulan Ramadhan saja, namun kita hendaklah menjaga makan minum supaya kesihatan dapat dijaga. Rasullulah tidak pernah sakit perut sepanjang hayatnya kerana pandai menjaga makanannya sehari-hari. InsyaAllah kalau anda ikut diet Rasullullah ini, anda takkan menderita sakit perut ataupun keracunan makanan.

Jangan makan SUSU bersama DAGING
Jangan makan DAGING bersama IKAN
Jangan makan IKAN bersama SUSU
Jangan makan AYAM bersama SUSU
Jangan makan IKAN bersama TELUR
Jangan makan IKAN bersama DAUN SALAD
Jangan makan SUSU bersama CUKA
Jangan makan BUAH bersama SUSU

  • Rasulullah mengamalkan minum segelas air sejuk (bukan air es) setiap pagi. Mujarabnya Insya Allah jauh dari penyakit (susah mendapat sakit).
  • Waktu sembahyang subuh disunatkan kita bertafakur (iaitu sujud sekurang kurangnya seminit setelah membaca doa). Kita akan terhindar dari sakit kepala atau migrain. Ini terbukti oleh para ilmuwan yang membuat kajian kenapa dalam sehari perlu kita sujud. Ahli-ahli sains telah menemui beberapa milimeter ruang udara dalam saluran darah di kepala yg tidak dipenuhi darah. Dengan bersujud maka darah akan mengalir ke ruang tersebut.
  • Rasulullah juga mengajar kita makan dengan tangan dan bila habis hendaklah menjilat jari. Begitu juga ahli saintis telah menemukan bahwa enzyme banyak terkandung di celah jari jari, iaitu 10 kali ganda terdapat dalam air liur. (enzyme sejenis alat percerna makanan).
"Tak caya? Cuba try test.."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heat, Hydration and Traffic Challenge during Ramadhan

This year, another episode of Kembara Amal Ramadhan has been held on 22, 29 and 30 August are the third year for this kind of program. The program is the convoy of 4WD vehicles, cars and motorbike visiting a few places around Johor to give a help to ‘fakir miskin’ to lighten their preparation toward Aidilfitri.

I’m getting involved actively as a main organizing committee for this year. Every fortnight attending a meeting that has been held at Yayasan Warisan Johor. This program organized by Yayasan Warisan Johor in collaboration with PDRM, JPJ, JPAM, state government agencies, NGO’s and also my motorbike club Mahkota Bikers.

As the challenge, Mahkota Bikers assigned as road marshal to help PDRM to escort this convoy safely. Plus I assigned as a convoy scout/navigator once again in the big program such this. During Ramadhan, the challenge is hydration and the heat, but I managed to overcome this matter with my knowledge and of course some of the mental toughness I have.

I hope this program will still organize in the future as Yayasan Warisan Johor Director said “Selagi ada orang miskin di Johor ini, selagi itu program ini akan diadakan.” May Allah bless us.

Friday, August 13, 2010

My 27th

me in Aug 2010

Last year I was entering 26th with a strong fever and suspected H1N1. That week really worried me and I was alone at home, all the survival skills at home must self doing.

This year, I turning 27th and an extra moments either it were memorable or disappointment written inside my journal, or sometime I let the peoples read my unpublished article through my mimic and gestures.

My missions within 365 days till my 28th are to completing my ongoing master degree and showing the best in my carrier. A little bit frustrating when I cannot optimize my financial capabilities to achieve another dream that must get true. InsyaAllah near the future, with an extra dedication and outstanding effort, I can realize it.

May Ramadhan ‘barakah’ will give me a tonic and boosting my life energy to walk gently and graciously toward my missions.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

MUDS 2010: The Sad Finale of 2010

"To be a champion is easier than to defend the title"

That classic quote already makes me and Kakithoners more matured and need to be rational to accept a disappointment.

We already throw our best, especially Ong Wei Xiang to defend our Men's University Duathlete of the Year for this year MUDS. The finale in UPM, was the stage that can saw the best will take overall title. Ong lost to Chan of UPNM in this final series. Chan’s bike ability gave him an advantage to beat Ong as the strongest and most positive challenger. Best University title already lost to UPNM since the pre-race started at UPNM last July. We failed to send women athlete and affect us to lose the valuable points at top five ranking for accumulate university points.

"Battle of Serdang"

The challenge logistically and tactically we faced made us more detailed in the future to preparing the team and selecting prospect athlete. I have another one year time to search new talents, to groom solid youngsters and to polish the elites.

This year Kakithoners participation in MUDS was extremely frightening and eye catching ‘rival’ university UPNM. We only sent small team with own budget, compared with a huge team and a budget (UPNM Rocks!). This good rivalry I hope can continues, and perhaps we can ‘do something awesome’ near the future.

Anyway thanks a lot to those who were give us helping hands and accommodate our team for this year MUDS. I really enjoyed the scenarios and the colors of new faces participated in MUDS 2010. Congratulations to the winners and salute to Quick Release Adventures!

PowerBar Men’s University Duathlete of the Year:
Chan Jun Shen (UPNM), 2nd Ong Wei Xiang (UTM), 3rd Muhammad Amirul Hafiz Aman (UPNM)

PowerBar Women’s University Duathlete of the Year:
Nor Juliana Ali (IIUM), 2nd Suria Sharuddin (UPNM), 3rd Nur Adila Sobarudin (UPNM)

Best University (Highest Points):
UPNM (6800), 2nd UTM (1370), 3rd IIUM (1120)

Top University (Highest Participants):
UPNM (169), IIUM (48), UTM (17)

Friday, August 6, 2010

MUDS 2010: When Desire Boosted!

Universiti Malaya, consistently being a host for MUDS for three consecutive years. Their unique running trail and climbing section always bare in mind when each of individual participants need to run on the trail and suffering the gradient of Bukit Cinta.

Last Saturday, once again UTM never miss to claim another victories for the third year for Men's University Category. Ong Wei Xiang raced head to head with previous leg's winner Chan Jun Seng of UPNM. He claim his valuable points to tie leading position together with Chan.

UM, hosting 3rd consecutive years of MUDS

Despite of only five Kakithoners (3 UTM Students and 2 UTM Alumni), this victory sent the message to the challengers and also UTM Sports Authority (especially their Director!). They take their own effort (money etc) to make sure they available for defending the Men's University Category championship.

As the bottom line, MUDS leg 3 at UPM, Serdang we already called "Battle of Serdang"!

Monday, August 2, 2010

MUDS 2010: UPNM Here We Come (by own effort)

Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2010, told the same stories with the previous 2008 and 2009 but getting worst this time. Ten UTM students race with UTM name on their registration form, went to the race venues without any support (transportation, accommodation and forget about allowance) that they deserve from their university. The main point is, "awak hantar proposal tak ikut procedure timeline,""sukan ni bukan sukan high performance,"

But the 3D's of Kakithoners (discipline, determination and dedication) can hide this hardness. They took a public bus from JB (rode from UTM to the bus station) to KL and rode from KL to reached UPNM in the evening. Thanks to UPNM for providing adequate accommodation for Kakithoners and it was FREE!

Race day:
Wake-up early and have a morning briefing and motivation talk to boost Kakithoners inside energy. Welcome to the community for first timers and ton of load must be carried by our prospect Ong and Ayie to defend Men's Overall Champion.
the starting of adrenaline boost for three consecutive weeks

hey, they growing each year! (even by their own effort for the race)

The Result:
Men's University:
Ong Wei Xiang 2nd
Gan Chau 5th

Women's Open:
Nazihah Ghani 5th

There were no top 5 placed by Men’s Relay & Mixed Relay

As the bottom line, Kakithoners outing to UPNM last week 24 July 2010, was a disappointment for overall team morale. We already lost Best University title to UPNM because there were no women from UTM take the challenge to race in Women's University Category. So we lost a bulk of valuable points.