Friday, August 6, 2010

MUDS 2010: When Desire Boosted!

Universiti Malaya, consistently being a host for MUDS for three consecutive years. Their unique running trail and climbing section always bare in mind when each of individual participants need to run on the trail and suffering the gradient of Bukit Cinta.

Last Saturday, once again UTM never miss to claim another victories for the third year for Men's University Category. Ong Wei Xiang raced head to head with previous leg's winner Chan Jun Seng of UPNM. He claim his valuable points to tie leading position together with Chan.

UM, hosting 3rd consecutive years of MUDS

Despite of only five Kakithoners (3 UTM Students and 2 UTM Alumni), this victory sent the message to the challengers and also UTM Sports Authority (especially their Director!). They take their own effort (money etc) to make sure they available for defending the Men's University Category championship.

As the bottom line, MUDS leg 3 at UPM, Serdang we already called "Battle of Serdang"!

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