Thursday, August 12, 2010

MUDS 2010: The Sad Finale of 2010

"To be a champion is easier than to defend the title"

That classic quote already makes me and Kakithoners more matured and need to be rational to accept a disappointment.

We already throw our best, especially Ong Wei Xiang to defend our Men's University Duathlete of the Year for this year MUDS. The finale in UPM, was the stage that can saw the best will take overall title. Ong lost to Chan of UPNM in this final series. Chan’s bike ability gave him an advantage to beat Ong as the strongest and most positive challenger. Best University title already lost to UPNM since the pre-race started at UPNM last July. We failed to send women athlete and affect us to lose the valuable points at top five ranking for accumulate university points.

"Battle of Serdang"

The challenge logistically and tactically we faced made us more detailed in the future to preparing the team and selecting prospect athlete. I have another one year time to search new talents, to groom solid youngsters and to polish the elites.

This year Kakithoners participation in MUDS was extremely frightening and eye catching ‘rival’ university UPNM. We only sent small team with own budget, compared with a huge team and a budget (UPNM Rocks!). This good rivalry I hope can continues, and perhaps we can ‘do something awesome’ near the future.

Anyway thanks a lot to those who were give us helping hands and accommodate our team for this year MUDS. I really enjoyed the scenarios and the colors of new faces participated in MUDS 2010. Congratulations to the winners and salute to Quick Release Adventures!

PowerBar Men’s University Duathlete of the Year:
Chan Jun Shen (UPNM), 2nd Ong Wei Xiang (UTM), 3rd Muhammad Amirul Hafiz Aman (UPNM)

PowerBar Women’s University Duathlete of the Year:
Nor Juliana Ali (IIUM), 2nd Suria Sharuddin (UPNM), 3rd Nur Adila Sobarudin (UPNM)

Best University (Highest Points):
UPNM (6800), 2nd UTM (1370), 3rd IIUM (1120)

Top University (Highest Participants):
UPNM (169), IIUM (48), UTM (17)

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