Monday, August 2, 2010

MUDS 2010: UPNM Here We Come (by own effort)

Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2010, told the same stories with the previous 2008 and 2009 but getting worst this time. Ten UTM students race with UTM name on their registration form, went to the race venues without any support (transportation, accommodation and forget about allowance) that they deserve from their university. The main point is, "awak hantar proposal tak ikut procedure timeline,""sukan ni bukan sukan high performance,"

But the 3D's of Kakithoners (discipline, determination and dedication) can hide this hardness. They took a public bus from JB (rode from UTM to the bus station) to KL and rode from KL to reached UPNM in the evening. Thanks to UPNM for providing adequate accommodation for Kakithoners and it was FREE!

Race day:
Wake-up early and have a morning briefing and motivation talk to boost Kakithoners inside energy. Welcome to the community for first timers and ton of load must be carried by our prospect Ong and Ayie to defend Men's Overall Champion.
the starting of adrenaline boost for three consecutive weeks

hey, they growing each year! (even by their own effort for the race)

The Result:
Men's University:
Ong Wei Xiang 2nd
Gan Chau 5th

Women's Open:
Nazihah Ghani 5th

There were no top 5 placed by Men’s Relay & Mixed Relay

As the bottom line, Kakithoners outing to UPNM last week 24 July 2010, was a disappointment for overall team morale. We already lost Best University title to UPNM because there were no women from UTM take the challenge to race in Women's University Category. So we lost a bulk of valuable points.

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