Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Race Boy During December

December 2009, was a tight schedule for The Race Boy (TRB). Every week TRB involved with the cycling event, from the asphalt to the dirt. Here are what were happen this December:

6 Dec: Sunday Super Crit, Putrajaya (Criterium)
12 Dec: Penang Bike Festival, Penang (Road Race Mass Start)
13 Dec: Penang Bike Festival, Penang (Criterium)
13 Dec: Kayuhan Jantungku, Shah Alam (Fun Ride)
20 Dec: Penang Downhill Challenge (Downhill)
26 Dec: Sukan Johor, Cycling Event, Muar (Individual Time Trial, Criterium)
27 Dec: Sukan Johor, Cycling Event, Muar (Mountain Bike)
28 Dec: Sukan Johor, Cycling Event, Muar (Road Race Mass Start)

As conclusion, TRB already well known by the race organizers and already accelerate the speed towards the future sevices in Timing and Result!

Hopefully 2010 will bring more prosperity and the path are clear and shined!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reaching the Summit: Report of Sabah Outdoor and Adventure Trip (2)

In the windy and bone bitten cold at 2:00am, we already warm-up ourselves for climbing to the summit in the dark. I load myself with heavy supper, for an extra energy because I didn't bring so much snacks or tidbit for the next 5 hours journey up the summit and back to Laban Rata.

I walked steadily together with my gf, Faraied and Azizul leading our group up to first check point at Sayat-Sayat. At Sayat-Sayat Hut we need to report ourselves and there were phone booths by Telekom Malaysia at nearly 3500m above the sea level.

Then we reached the rock face where the border for vegetation ends. The slope was not too slick and we climb only guided by the rope in our visual. I managed to capture a photo in the dark and sometime I watched my back and saw a train of lights far away from us. I and my gf climb together while she was starting feel not comfortable with the content of the oxygen in the air. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply, right step for inhale, left step for exhale. It was a simple rule to follow.

At 5:30am, I and my gf reached the summit, Lows Peak, the highest point in South East Asia at 4095.2 meter above the sea level. At the summit only six of the group reached before 5:30am in the chilled darkness at -4 degree Celcius. This is my second time touching two boards up there! Then we celebrate with 'champagne' until we saw the sun rise!

Nearly one hour at the summit, we climb down together to Laban Rata for breakfast. It took around 2 hours journey down from the summit. I and my gf take my sweet time together with a photo shot and chatting. We arrived at Laban Rata at 8:00am, and I ate my nutritious breakfast and sleep!

At 10:30am, we check out and hiking down to Timpohon Gate, 6km down from Laban Rata. The rain can't stop anymore and I hike alone far back from the group. I took my time to save my knees (I already ran down to the gate last 2002) and to save my food from vomit out from the stomach! Also to avoid post hiking dizziness or post AMS (Altitude Mountain Sickness).

I was snap a photo on my journey and my mind already start thinking what are my plan after going back from Kinabalu. I arrived at the Timpohon Gate at 2:30pm, and need to waiting for our van for nearly 3hours in wet clothes, heavy rain pouring down and cold windy. I wrap myself with garbage bag, sat and chatting with group members.

We have a buffet 'lunch' at 5:00pm in the restaurant provided and check out from Kinabalu Headquaters at 6:00pm. Warm clothes already wrap my body and I feel so comfort and now we were headed to Kiulu River for the next adventure, white water rafting!


**sorry there are no picture can upload until now, P license, slow and LEMBAB!**

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reaching The Summit: Report of Sabah Outdoor and Adventure Trip (1)

A week in Sabah was a moment that I waiting for last 3 months. My trip together with MARC Crewz of KTHO,UTM was wonderful and full of memories.

Early morning I already make a move from my house, have a breakfast and sat in UTM bus for 5 hour journey to KL then to KLIA. For the first time group photo taken at KLIA and also first time for my gf had flight experience and I carried 8.7kg 30liter haversack for a week outdoor trip. Our first day landed at Sabah Negeri Di Bawah Bayu, only overnight at air-conditioned house at Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

The next day, breakfast at nearby 'mamak restaurant' and shopping at Giant for tidbits and a bottle of 'champagne'. My plan is to have champagne session at the peak! At noon, we had 2 hours journey to Kinabalu Park by bus. Stop halfway at Nabalu a small town that offered spectacular panorama and souvenir stand to stole visitor's money. After take a scenic photo shot, we continued our way to Kinabalu Park. Later we settled our hiking needs (insurance, permit,
accomodation, guide, etc). After that we move to Mesilau Nature Resort but stopped for lunch (at 3pm) and 'visiting' cowboy town of Mesilau.

We reached Mesilau Nature Resort at 6pm nearly sunset. Checked in at nice house consist 3 rooms inside and have a steamboat dinner. Before the dinner the director of program gave his speech and after the dinner we have a group photograph. Later that night we have a 'ice breaking' session among us and some of us shared their hiking experiences. Same as me, I shared my 2002 Kinabalu Expedition with them together with my sports science knowledge and outdoor experience. Then we have a nice sleep inside heated room, the experience I only had during my trip to US and South Korea during winter.

Next morning we have heavy breakfast together, another group photo, streching and briefing by mountain guide. We hit Mesilau Trail (2km longer than famoust trail, Summit Trail from Timpohon Gate) at 9am and I, Faraied and Jiha reached T-Juntion at Summit Trail at 2pm. The guide said only three of us pass the 'exam'. Later we climb a stairs up to Laban Rata and arrived at 3:30pm. We checked-in and I have a shower! The temperature was 10-12 degree Celcius because the rain poured us since the second kilometer on Mesilau Trail. Later we take a nap, waited for a dinner at 6:30pm then we refuel our energy with the buffet there.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Race Boy Have Start Their Engine

For the time being, I will be busying with The Race Boy (Professional Timing and Result Provider) job. Last Sunday The Race Boy organize their pilot race for cycling known as Sunday Super Crit 2009 at Putrajaya. This weekend (12-13 Dec) the team will split into two. One at Shah Alam for Kayuhan Jantungku and me and my buddy will fulfill an organizer request to provide a service at Penang.

Last months, The Race Boy were involved in Cyfora King of The Mountain roadrace climbing hilly route from Kuala Lubu Bharu to Gap, Frasers Hill. Forthnight after that once again The Race Boy providing their high tech equipment for the organizer manage the race. So far there is no major circumstance happen when we operated.

Still, the unclear tentative for me is for the next week job at Jelajah Terengganu. We don't heard any positive reaction from the organizer.