Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reaching The Summit: Report of Sabah Outdoor and Adventure Trip (1)

A week in Sabah was a moment that I waiting for last 3 months. My trip together with MARC Crewz of KTHO,UTM was wonderful and full of memories.

Early morning I already make a move from my house, have a breakfast and sat in UTM bus for 5 hour journey to KL then to KLIA. For the first time group photo taken at KLIA and also first time for my gf had flight experience and I carried 8.7kg 30liter haversack for a week outdoor trip. Our first day landed at Sabah Negeri Di Bawah Bayu, only overnight at air-conditioned house at Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

The next day, breakfast at nearby 'mamak restaurant' and shopping at Giant for tidbits and a bottle of 'champagne'. My plan is to have champagne session at the peak! At noon, we had 2 hours journey to Kinabalu Park by bus. Stop halfway at Nabalu a small town that offered spectacular panorama and souvenir stand to stole visitor's money. After take a scenic photo shot, we continued our way to Kinabalu Park. Later we settled our hiking needs (insurance, permit,
accomodation, guide, etc). After that we move to Mesilau Nature Resort but stopped for lunch (at 3pm) and 'visiting' cowboy town of Mesilau.

We reached Mesilau Nature Resort at 6pm nearly sunset. Checked in at nice house consist 3 rooms inside and have a steamboat dinner. Before the dinner the director of program gave his speech and after the dinner we have a group photograph. Later that night we have a 'ice breaking' session among us and some of us shared their hiking experiences. Same as me, I shared my 2002 Kinabalu Expedition with them together with my sports science knowledge and outdoor experience. Then we have a nice sleep inside heated room, the experience I only had during my trip to US and South Korea during winter.

Next morning we have heavy breakfast together, another group photo, streching and briefing by mountain guide. We hit Mesilau Trail (2km longer than famoust trail, Summit Trail from Timpohon Gate) at 9am and I, Faraied and Jiha reached T-Juntion at Summit Trail at 2pm. The guide said only three of us pass the 'exam'. Later we climb a stairs up to Laban Rata and arrived at 3:30pm. We checked-in and I have a shower! The temperature was 10-12 degree Celcius because the rain poured us since the second kilometer on Mesilau Trail. Later we take a nap, waited for a dinner at 6:30pm then we refuel our energy with the buffet there.


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