Thursday, July 31, 2008

Calling from 'future sponsor'

Just now I was received a phone call by somebody..he ask me about my athletes in UTM..
many question he asking me about their performance, their interest, their training performance and also about dicipline..

I wonder, one day if this guy will sponsoring one or two of my athletes for their continuity in this multi sports racing..
In mean time, my athletes were U student..there are a lot of money to be spending for training, equipment, gear, race budget, supplement and so on..
Then why not in the future, I will act as team advisor especially in training & sports science aspect, that guy sponsored the team with good bikes, technical man power and transportation to reach race venue..

then after that telephone call, I realized that sometime we cannot depended on 'susidi semata-mata'...
Its ok if the university didn't give my athletes full support to their commitment in this multi-sports race, its time to show the university that we can standing on our own legs!

Finally by the end of the day, we can say "universiti jangan marah eehh"

Thursday, July 17, 2008

When Nature Calls..

After 3 days, suffered from flu, and still went to office to attended a few meetings, finally on Thursday, I cant woke up in the breathing can't operated as usual..

Then 2 days at home..having rest and just watched that damn box..national geography, discovery channel, asian food channel, vuelta de espana..

Yesterday, after berbuka, I decided to went to clinic..for MC

Finally, my experiment did to myself ending any chemicals medication I took since I was attacked by flu until I will do duathlon training tonight!! Alhamdulillah..

Running Hard After Hard Bike

Below is one of the article that I found..surely for Duathletes & Triathletes..


Nothing improves running more than … running. This is the training principle of ‘specificity’ and it’s something that we have mentioned more than a few times in articles about training on Tri247. However, this being the case, the run is the third sport in a triathlon and you will be far from fresh when you start. We now have to mention specificity again, as running off a bike is something that is very specific to the sport.

This skill does need learning and practicing if you want to race well. The point to remember is that in triathlon there are no prizes for the fastest swim, or bike, or run splits – at least not at age group level. You are only measured when you cross the finish line; only your overall time really matters.

You need to be able to balance your energy output equally throughout the race, from the start of the swim to the end of the run. Burn the rubber on a too-fast bike split and you will pay and suffer for it on the run. That one minute faster bike split could cost you four to five times more on the run - just when it matters.

Break it down

So, how can we prepare for this final run off the bike? Easy!
Every time you finish your long bike ride in training, do a small run off it. Start with a five-minute jog off and out, and then turn round and return back in four minutes. This negative split is critical as it teaches you to ‘run yourself in’ and not go out of T2 (as many triathletes do) like a ‘bat out of hell’. Over time gradually increase this run-off time.

Cadence is a key factor in learning to run well in the final part of the triathlon. If you are a ‘masher’ on the bike who likes using big gears and a slower cadence (80rpm or less) you are not making your job any easier once you start on the run. This is why you should aim to ride with a cadence of 90rpm minimum on the flat. This is so that, once you start to run, your running cadence will match your bike cadence at 90spm (strides per minute). The famous US running coach Jack Daniels (no, not related to the drink!) analysed all Olympic runners from 100 metres to the marathon and found, irrespective of the distance/time, 90 strides per minute was the norm.

So if you ride at less than 90 rpm you will be asking your legs to speed up rather than decrease their cadence from 95rpm to 100 rpm down to 90spm which is so much easier, especially as you are getting more tired.

The 10% rule says that your run time in a triathlon should be within 10% of your stand-alone run time for that distance. In other words, if your best 10k time is 40 minutes then in a race you should be able to do the 10k within 44 minutes. Any longer, then you need to ask yourself why; and a too-fast bike split will probably have caused it.

Bricking it

Brick sessions are excellent training. A ‘brick’ is a training session where one sport follows another sport. Examples would be swim to bike or, in this, case bike to run. What makes the transition hard is that the main muscles used in cycling are the quads (in the front of the legs) whereas the main muscles used in running are the hamstrings (in the back of the legs). Bricks can be done indoors or outdoors and for race simulation. If done indoors, in a gym for example, going from a gym bike to the treadmill, or using your turbo trainer indoors and then going for a run. You can set either distances to cover or set the times you want to train for; bike for five miles run two miles or bike for 15 minutes and run for 14.

Finally, bricks can be used as race simulation and for practicing quicker transition times. As above, set the time and/or a distance for bike and run but now the emphasis is on changing from bike to run in the quickest time possible. The brick sessions can be repeated a number of times within a short period of time.

So remember; train smart and race smart! All the best to you all.

Feeling Unwell

Since last nite after dinner Nasi Lemak Senibong with my gf, my body give another sign to reduce my training intensity..this morning I decided not to cycle to the office in UTM..
I need a rest..

But this afternoon must turun training with Kakithoners again-again and again..I must..
Today menu is simple but tough..we do DUATHLON..

There're many of us will join this coming UPNM last legs of MUDS2008..
Ong, Suhaimie, LKS and Kecik for Mens University,
Jiha & Ida for Womens University..

Altough I know our chance to win Best University Award was slim, but I want my athletes show their real performance for this last leg..

Hope my body will recover as soon as after today lunch..hahah
Then this afternoon I can 'perhambat' my athletes..

MUDS Leg 2 Pix

Here some of my action from UM..

domestic racer pre-race preparation

snapshot with my sparring partner once upon a time in UTM


flying with my legs

mengurat awek

running with respect

post-race strech

Most selamba race I'd ever have..mengantuk
See you again..


Oops..we did it again..
After 4km run, 16.5km bike and 4km run, in hilly bike section and running in the 'jungle' in Universiti Malaya, UTM Kakithoners make it again..but this time not so excellent as previous race in UKM..

There are only three students compete in this race..Kakithoners yang lain masuk Merentas Kampus SUKAM 2008 UTM.

Ong got what he deserves..he was a CHAMPION for this race
Suhaimi got his disadvantages from using the mountain bike for this race.luckily he still got 5th place
Jiha got fever
2 hours before race started..she suffered all the way to finish line..but she still give 120% she have..still in top 5th after bike..unfortunately she got cramped in transition area, and need treatment..then she loses her 5th place..

How about me?
I still carried my position as Domestic Racer for Jiha..

What do you get?
I wondering how the athletes push their effort beyond their limits, I learnt how Jiha have her's races, and also make 'tunjuk muka' and support this event..I races in this race but not compete in this race..heh

What do you plan in the future?
I wanna kick my butt untill the finish line of POWERMAN MALAYSIA 2008 this Nov..then see am I fast enough?


also my best friend Faraied=duathlete!

Orang jauh tunjuk belang..

Finally after the breath taking situation happen last 3 days before, after hard training we have, after travelled by ourself, after pinjam basikal orang for my 3 athletes, WE MAKE IT!

No words can tell except this:



Did I missed anothers name?
-No, I don't. Because all my athletes, got their medal..Plus my old training & sparring partner Faraied just became DUATHLETE!

How about ME?
-I decided not to compete that day! I was became Jiha domestic/pacer..

How do you do that?
-when I heard Adele's briefing that there was legal drafting race.."for beginner maa"

What do you get?
-Satisfaction, tak penat, for training..the most important thing is my athletes deserve their achievement

What you plan after this?
-I'll tell my athletes to be more focus in training and use their brain & abilities to give me another victory..also to be domestic racer again..heheh
MUDS Leg1: The Journey that I Can't Never Forget..

What was happened last Thursday I cant the morning LKS said they (LKS, Ong, Suhaimie & Lee) must 'tumpang' UTM bus to go to UKM..actually that bus took National Athletes (UTM Students) to their training venues for their centralize training in the weekend..

So my athletes decided to 'tumpang' this 5pm on my cycled back to my house, I singgah Unit Sukan to saw my athletes..after some chit-chat with drivers, and also my athletes, I convince them just selamba..LKS lead & manage to have proper accomodation for night stay..
Then at 6pm, the bus passed me when I on my saddle headed to my home..legaaaa..

At 11pm, LKS told me they already stay at Rumah Tamu, Kolej Aminuddin Baki, UKM..legaaa lagi...

Me and Jiha drove to KL on Friday, directly to UKM..when arrived, I was the first person came to collect race kit..the have a chit-chat with Mel, Adele & another athletes yg kuat2..hehhe

so finally, we the athletes from UTM have came to UKM with our own effort, money & initiatives..

...but also new faces from UNIVERSITIES from as far as Johor taking part


.:: NEWS UPDATE ::16 July 20083 more days to go to the first University Duathlon of 2008 in UKM Bangi! Excitement is in the air. The 3 races will see not only new faces to the duathlon scene but also new faces from UNIVERSITIES from as far as Johor taking part.

->Check out the minor revision to the UKM Cycling Map on Race Info page.ENJOY BLOGGING or reading blogs? Check out the UNIVERSITY DUATHLON SERIES BLOG @

-from official website-

"...but also new faces from UNIVERSITIES from as far as Johor taking part."
wow thats US man...we Kakithoners got highlighted by the organizer! But our U didn't mention it..they ghairah with SUKAM (Sukan Kampung), MASUM, SUA Games..we Kakithoners going race by our own effort..nobody give us PERUNTUKAN..but thats ok..we race for ourself satisfaction!

Our first DUATHLON Training (together-gether la)


After two day with very busy and tight schedule, finally I can wrote something again in this blog..

Yesterday (Wed 16 July) Kakithoners who will joining MUDS race+ Abg Moose+Iman (3rd rank best U12 triathlete in South East Asia)+ new face for kakithoners 'Kecik' are do DUATHLON for first time formally in group.. The menu is simple, short briefing by me and Abg Moose, then we do 5km run, 18km bike and 5km run..the petua is just stay in the breakaway for first leg run..

Then we clocked at 26 minutes for 1st run leg, memang slow & steady..

Bike leg is interesting, most of Kakithoners like Lim and Ong are newbies on saddle, but they are strong! Basikal berat pun can ride fast..
Suhaimi Tolek with my mountain bike (with off road tire and sound like army truck) easily chatting and joking with Abg Moose (with his Cervelo P2C) at the back..
Kecik and Jiha ride together..maybe they were unable to ride comfortablely with bunch tempo..set by me..
Iman, cool himself just drafted behind my wheel..

After 18 km bike, we entered transition area (bus stop near Tasik UTM), then Ong making his breakaway to finish his 5km run accompanied by Lee and Chan (this fellas just run)..followed by Lim..then me and Kecik run side by side (kecik just do 9 laps of 1.8km per lap)..

When run we just chatting, and keep the pace not too high and not too lembab..finally I clocked at 20 minutes for 5km run..what the hell! Fast woo..Ong finished 2 minute in front of me and Kecik..

So far, nearly Maghrib we already finished our DUATHLON..
We happy, I pun Happy..(most of them penat & lenguh2), Abg Moose so impressed by our strength when we can run very fast..

Tomorrow (Friday) is our journey to UKM, for the duathlon race next morning (Saturday)..

Hope all Kakithoner will perform well for this first leg, show them that 'UTM Team' (??) with basikal berat pun can beat those who are owned good roadbike..

"Kick their ass, when we on our own legs!"

Friday, July 11, 2008

One Week After...

One week after this blog have launched, there is no idea to post everyday..maybe I'm was so busy to completed my today just to write about training that I have done this week..

Monday : Running around campus (8 km) @ low intesity
Tuesday: Conduct Fitness test for Kakithoners, Rest + driving at high speed
Wednesday: Walking at 3 differences shopping mall
Thursday: Cycled to work and back at high intensity pace
Friday : Cycled to work on TT position, Brick Training (Bike-Run) @ low intensity

So Saturday can't training because need to be instructor for outdoor activities for school teachers
Sunday, I plan to LSD (Long Slow Distance) ride with Kakithoners, Abg Moose and his two sons..

Finally, this week was a very tired wek..

Friday, July 4, 2008

run for your life

What is a duathlon?

A duathlon is a competition that is composed of running and biking. The usual format for a duathlon is run-bike-run, meaning you start with a run, then transition to the bike, then transition back to running again. Your time starts when you start the race, and finishes when you cross the finish line. This means that the time it takes you to switch from running to cycling and back again is part of your race time

What are the rules?

There are very few rules to the sport of duathlon, and they are allenforced for athlete safety and to keep the race fair. As a result,most rules are related to the cycling portion of the race, so we'll goover them now, starting at the beginning of the race.

First, you must start in the wave that you have been assigned to. Inorder to keep the course relatively uncrowded, racers begin the racein groups or waves, separated by several minutes time. Waves aretypically assigned based on age group or category such as relay teams.Starting in your pre-assigned wave is mandatory.

Next, you must know and complete the entire course, this includesentering and exiting the transition area at the proper place.

Most races have a rule that there is no cycling in the transitionarea. They will have a mount line just outside the transition area,and you must run or walk your bike out of the transition zone and pastthat line before beginning to ride.
ride at your own pace
Anytime you are on the bike, including before and after the race, youare required to wear a helmet and have it buckled. Any competitor whounbuckles his/her helmet while on the bike, or who mounts his/her bikewith an unbuckled helmet will be disqualified. A good rule of thumb isto buckle your helmet before you take your bike off the rack, and whenyou finish cycling, wait until you rack your bike before you unbuckleyour helmet.

Drafting, or cycling directly behind or alongside another competitor,is strictly prohibited, as it provides an unfair advantage in anindividual sport. You must leave at least 3 bike lengths between yourfront wheel and the rear wheel of the bike in front of you. If youchoose to pass another cyclist, you must pass on the left, and youhave 15 seconds to get your front wheel past the front wheel of theperson you are passing. The person being passed must then fall back 3bike lengths before trying to repass you. This way, two cyclists won'tbe riding side by side going back and forth for miles.

You must ride to the left side of the road, so that a passing cyclistcan pass on the right. Riding on the right side of your lane is calledblocking, and carries a time penalty for the offender.
No crossing the center line of the road, even to pass.

Again, most races have a rule that there is no cycling in thetransition area. They will have a dismount line just outside thetransition area, and you must dismount your bike and run or walk yourbike into the transition zone.

Other rules include no glass, pets, friends, family, or nudity in thetransition area, and no pets, baby joggers, ipods, or outsideassistance allowed during the race.

showering to the finish line


Weekend Report

AM : ran around UTM campus, joined Minggu Haluan Siswa Run with 1st year student..get 8th, 9:02 min..hahah
then stafs from CICT invited me to join them have a breakfast..
then went to abseiling tower to observe my student handled the clinic from SMK Dato Usman Awang, Tmn Perling

PM : instructed the students for afternoon clinic session..
then penat, back to home..

8PM : joined Mahkota Bikers rode to Kota Tinggi, attented PDRM Dinner in Balai Polis Batu Ampat..simple menu, with bbq chicken..
rode back to home in 30 minutes from KT, penat..

AM: LSD menu, drove to CIQ, Tanjung Kupang in Gelang Patah, then rode my bike with my GF, Bro Mus and his two sons..our routine for last two weeks..(take some photos shot)

PM: went to visit my grandma after she done eye operation..makan pizza and nasi goreng..

Hari Pertama

hari ni Isnin 7 Julai 2008, hari pertama bagi semester 1 sesi 2008/2009..
Post 2 artikel di, wish Kakithoners utk semester baru ni, dgn mengumumkan Fitness Test untk semua kakithoners..

then suddenly on the way kuar minum terserempak dgn satu budak yg aku kenali since join Malakoff Malaysian Duathlon Series 2004-2006 dulu..budak ni ex Sekolah Sukan Bandar Penawar, cycling.. skrg dia dah jadi student aku daa..

So langkah & perancangan untuk menrencanakan team duathlon pada masa depan di UTM ni sedang dikhayali dan bakal dinyatakan dalam masa-masa terdekat ini..

Ptg ni aku harap Kakithoners bakal mengimarahkan kembali Bus Stop Tasik UTM yg hampir 3 bulan kesepian & kering dari dibasahi peluh2 Kakithoners..

Pelancaran Blog Terbaru MrBlack

Sebagai mengambil keberkatan Jumaat, saya telah pun melancarkan blog ini..

semoga apa yang dinyatakan di sini dapat menjadi rujukan dan bahan dalam mendapatkan maklumat yang begitu kaya di alam siber ini..

Salam perpaduan

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two Days Without Sweat

Last two days, without training, without any sweat out from my skin..except during sleeping time..

Tuesday, I was handled fitness test for Kakithoners..the result quite impressive enough.."makan apa la ini budak-budak"..cargas beb! Hopefully this semester all Kakithoners will perform well especially in MUDS 2008, SUKAM (sukan antara kolej pelajar), all the running races, and finally Powerman 2008 in Lumut..

Wednesday, I was wake-up so late at 11am..hahaha "lepas geram sebab dah lama tak bangun lambat"..coz the night before I was 'memandu laju mcm takde undang2 jalanraya' until up at 11am, then lunch, after lunch play PS2 again..until my GF ajak dating..

Today morning (Thursday) wake up early and grab my bike to cycled to ofis..nearly from my home about 35km je within 1 hour je dah sampai.