Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two Days Without Sweat

Last two days, without training, without any sweat out from my skin..except during sleeping time..

Tuesday, I was handled fitness test for Kakithoners..the result quite impressive enough.."makan apa la ini budak-budak"..cargas beb! Hopefully this semester all Kakithoners will perform well especially in MUDS 2008, SUKAM (sukan antara kolej pelajar), all the running races, and finally Powerman 2008 in Lumut..

Wednesday, I was wake-up so late at 11am..hahaha "lepas geram sebab dah lama tak bangun lambat"..coz the night before I was 'memandu laju mcm takde undang2 jalanraya' until up at 11am, then lunch, after lunch play PS2 again..until my GF ajak dating..

Today morning (Thursday) wake up early and grab my bike to cycled to ofis..nearly from my home about 35km je within 1 hour je dah sampai.

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