Friday, July 11, 2008

One Week After...

One week after this blog have launched, there is no idea to post everyday..maybe I'm was so busy to completed my today just to write about training that I have done this week..

Monday : Running around campus (8 km) @ low intesity
Tuesday: Conduct Fitness test for Kakithoners, Rest + driving at high speed
Wednesday: Walking at 3 differences shopping mall
Thursday: Cycled to work and back at high intensity pace
Friday : Cycled to work on TT position, Brick Training (Bike-Run) @ low intensity

So Saturday can't training because need to be instructor for outdoor activities for school teachers
Sunday, I plan to LSD (Long Slow Distance) ride with Kakithoners, Abg Moose and his two sons..

Finally, this week was a very tired wek..

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