Thursday, July 31, 2008

Calling from 'future sponsor'

Just now I was received a phone call by somebody..he ask me about my athletes in UTM..
many question he asking me about their performance, their interest, their training performance and also about dicipline..

I wonder, one day if this guy will sponsoring one or two of my athletes for their continuity in this multi sports racing..
In mean time, my athletes were U student..there are a lot of money to be spending for training, equipment, gear, race budget, supplement and so on..
Then why not in the future, I will act as team advisor especially in training & sports science aspect, that guy sponsored the team with good bikes, technical man power and transportation to reach race venue..

then after that telephone call, I realized that sometime we cannot depended on 'susidi semata-mata'...
Its ok if the university didn't give my athletes full support to their commitment in this multi-sports race, its time to show the university that we can standing on our own legs!

Finally by the end of the day, we can say "universiti jangan marah eehh"

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  1. Polis Kata Jangan... Ini Liar!!