Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our first DUATHLON Training (together-gether la)


After two day with very busy and tight schedule, finally I can wrote something again in this blog..

Yesterday (Wed 16 July) Kakithoners who will joining MUDS race+ Abg Moose+Iman (3rd rank best U12 triathlete in South East Asia)+ new face for kakithoners 'Kecik' are do DUATHLON for first time formally in group.. The menu is simple, short briefing by me and Abg Moose, then we do 5km run, 18km bike and 5km run..the petua is just stay in the breakaway for first leg run..

Then we clocked at 26 minutes for 1st run leg, memang slow & steady..

Bike leg is interesting, most of Kakithoners like Lim and Ong are newbies on saddle, but they are strong! Basikal berat pun can ride fast..
Suhaimi Tolek with my mountain bike (with off road tire and sound like army truck) easily chatting and joking with Abg Moose (with his Cervelo P2C) at the back..
Kecik and Jiha ride together..maybe they were unable to ride comfortablely with bunch tempo..set by me..
Iman, cool himself just drafted behind my wheel..

After 18 km bike, we entered transition area (bus stop near Tasik UTM), then Ong making his breakaway to finish his 5km run accompanied by Lee and Chan (this fellas just run)..followed by Lim..then me and Kecik run side by side (kecik just do 9 laps of 1.8km per lap)..

When run we just chatting, and keep the pace not too high and not too lembab..finally I clocked at 20 minutes for 5km run..what the hell! Fast woo..Ong finished 2 minute in front of me and Kecik..

So far, nearly Maghrib we already finished our DUATHLON..
We happy, I pun Happy..(most of them penat & lenguh2), Abg Moose so impressed by our strength when we can run very fast..

Tomorrow (Friday) is our journey to UKM, for the duathlon race next morning (Saturday)..

Hope all Kakithoner will perform well for this first leg, show them that 'UTM Team' (??) with basikal berat pun can beat those who are owned good roadbike..

"Kick their ass, when we on our own legs!"

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