Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feeling Unwell

Since last nite after dinner Nasi Lemak Senibong with my gf, my body give another sign to reduce my training intensity..this morning I decided not to cycle to the office in UTM..
I need a rest..

But this afternoon must turun training with Kakithoners again-again and again..I must..
Today menu is simple but tough..we do DUATHLON..

There're many of us will join this coming UPNM last legs of MUDS2008..
Ong, Suhaimie, LKS and Kecik for Mens University,
Jiha & Ida for Womens University..

Altough I know our chance to win Best University Award was slim, but I want my athletes show their real performance for this last leg..

Hope my body will recover as soon as after today lunch..hahah
Then this afternoon I can 'perhambat' my athletes..

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