Thursday, July 17, 2008


Oops..we did it again..
After 4km run, 16.5km bike and 4km run, in hilly bike section and running in the 'jungle' in Universiti Malaya, UTM Kakithoners make it again..but this time not so excellent as previous race in UKM..

There are only three students compete in this race..Kakithoners yang lain masuk Merentas Kampus SUKAM 2008 UTM.

Ong got what he deserves..he was a CHAMPION for this race
Suhaimi got his disadvantages from using the mountain bike for this race.luckily he still got 5th place
Jiha got fever
2 hours before race started..she suffered all the way to finish line..but she still give 120% she have..still in top 5th after bike..unfortunately she got cramped in transition area, and need treatment..then she loses her 5th place..

How about me?
I still carried my position as Domestic Racer for Jiha..

What do you get?
I wondering how the athletes push their effort beyond their limits, I learnt how Jiha have her's races, and also make 'tunjuk muka' and support this event..I races in this race but not compete in this race..heh

What do you plan in the future?
I wanna kick my butt untill the finish line of POWERMAN MALAYSIA 2008 this Nov..then see am I fast enough?

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