Friday, October 31, 2008

Road to Powerman 2008: Powerman Malaysia 2008 in one week

Beginning today, I will write something about Powerman Malaysia. As a mental and spirit preparation for Powerman Malaysia 2008 on next 9 Nov 2008..

I involved in this kind of race since year 2003. That year in September I did my first ever triathlon in Desaru. Then later next month in October, my brother Moose asked me to take the Powerman challenge. Altough I already did my triathlon, so then I easily take his challenge to be Powerman finisher. Then I started run for 10km continuously..a training that I did rarely before, because I was a climber and time trialist type of rider during that time.

Later, I and Moose together went to race registration and race briefing in Armada Hotel, PJ..I remembered that year we skip a race dinner the day before we arrive at KL. That day I was introduced to our duathlon star Shahrom Abdullah by my brother. I was impressed that he was not sombong even he was 15th place in world duathlon ranking..(so different if compare with others sports stars)

On 12th October 2003, in Putrajaya, I already at the starting line for Powerman Malaysia 2003. I saw about 200 participants. When the race just started, I try to run at the front with elite's athlete..(haha only manage less than 1km with their's pace). Then I try to set my bench mark for my first 10km leg..then I run with my pace steadily, tried to save my energy for bike leg later.

During bike leg, I push very hard to catch each person in front of me..since I was a good in time trial ride and love attacking while climbing section, the hilly route in Putrajaya seems so easy to me. In final lap, I catch Eugene Chan (that time I don't know who he is) just 3 km to transition. Then I entered transition area together with Eugene. Many people looked me with 'hairan' face.

Then I try to run with him but failed. He was so good in running (the technique). I handle my final run with this method, run-jog-walk-jog-run...until reached finish line. I clocked 3:51:38 at 86th overall place.

I feel so enjoyed that time, the race atmosphere, the crowd and also take a time to have a photos shot. That memories always fresh in my head until now..the desire to challenge myself, learning a new experience and also jumped in new race family..

Post race story was a most memorable..I suffered a runners knee syndrome since 'ngilu' when tried to walk as normal. But later I found how to manage this sydrome..since that time, I started to run, and run, and run for 10km with fast pace..because the minimum distance in duathlon and triathlon race were 10km run!

Now, I feel so 'bertuah' since entered this kind of race. It is because this race are the race for lifetime. We compete in the same age categories, we can't think younger athlete is stronger that older one, learn to respect each others and try to becoming humble..

"Powerman for man who have a power: body, mental, soul, money and ..."

3 Courses in 3 Weeks

After completed my 2nd courses in two weeks, yesterday I received one more course offer letter. Next weekdays for three days I wanted by university to attend the course. For me it is ok, and this time to set new record, complete three courses in three schedule is so pack, need to do my work outside an office hours..

There are the courses:
Editorial Course (22-24 Oct)
Website Development Course (29-30 Oct)
University Orientation Course (5-7 Nov)

On 6 Nov evening, I will start my journey to Lumut, on 7 Nov actually I already in leave..main purpose is to make an impact in Powerman Malaysia 2008!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kursus Pembangunan Laman Web

Kursus ini direkabentuk untuk memberi pendedahan kepada peserta yang ingin menerokai bidang pembangunan laman web khususnya bagi tujuan pengajaran dan pembelajaran. Kursus ini berbentuk teori dan amali di mana para peserta akan diberi pendedahan kepada konsep teknologi web, pembangunan laman web sehingga kepada proses penerbitan laman web. Setelah menamatkan kursus, peserta diharap akan dapat membangunkan sebuah aplikasi web yang menarik dan mampu memberi impak kepada proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran.

a) Menjelaskan konsep dan pengunaan teknologi multimedia dan internet dalam P&P.
b) Membincangkan prinsip-prinsip rekabentuk laman web yang berkesan.
c) Menguasai prinsip dan teknik dalam membangunkan laman web bagi tujuan P&P.
d) Merekabentuk dan membangunkan laman web bagi tujuan P&P.

Sememangnya, minat terhadap pembangunan laman web semakin mendalam. Walaupun hanya berkursus selama 2 hari, namun sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu diri sendiri mencapai apa yang diharapkan, sebagai bekalan ilmu untuk masa depan.

"when attending a courses, I save my breakfast, lunch and hi-tea budget"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Free Advertise?

I don't know when I saw many of athletes in Malaysia sporting event like cycling, running, triathlon and duathlon love to wearing some kind of brand on t-shirt, cap, socks etc..

What I always know, when an athlete wearing a race suit, t-shirt, cap etc mean they have been sponsored by the brand that appear on this kind of attires.

So how an athlete (mostly not a beginner, familiar faces in the races but not yet being sponsored by any kind of sponsor) can easily do that?? This was described as 'free advertisement', Not a 'win-win situation', far a way from 'simbiosis'..the athletes must realize that they a BIG LOSER!!

no sponsor athlete..

Why? An athlete buy an attires, or maybe a set of that brand (maybe sports nutrition products, equipment, pro's cycling team race suit) which is costly. The cost which an athlete paid not only for the attires itself, but the printing cost and some hidden cost was different if an athlete buy an attire without that brand appears or printed on..furthermore, some times such as t-shirt, cap etc are made from low quality fabric and not friendly on race purposes..I have no comment if somebody said, "My money is my matters".

Why? It also not so cool when an athlete wear an attire complete with printed with that brand name during the race..(but still ok if wear it during training session) looks so 'cool' for the athletes themself, but for me it was a FOOL..they simply advertise the brand as free, no T&C, no agreement agreed between two parties..

As a bottom line, why should be pay a lot of bucks for helping freely or volunteering the brand to advertise their brand. Also why should be throw our money for the things that we can get for free?? (hope when you has been sponsored, one day...)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kursus Penyuntingan

Mengikuti sesuatu kursus memerlukan daya tumpuan dan ketahanan mental yang tinggi. Peserta harus mengikuti ceramah, aktiviti dan latihan yang diadakan bagi meninggikan lagi daya kefahaman seseorang peserta. Ini sekaligus menghasilkan peserta yang mampu memenuhi objektif kursus.

Berada dalam Kursus Penyuntingan bermula 22-24 Oktober 2008, yang dianjurkan pihak UTM hasil kerjasama antara Bahagian Pembangunan Sumber Manusia, Pejabat Pendaftar dan Penerbit UTM Press. Objektif kursus yang diadakan antara 8:30 pagi hingga 5:00 petang ini adalah:

- Mendalami kaedah penyuntingan sama ada karya asli atau karya terbitan
- Mengikuti piawaian teknikal dalam kerja penyuntingan
- Memahami proses penerbitan sesebuah buku sama ada karya asli atau penterjemahan
- Mengetahui kaedah penulisan dan penyuntingan bagi pembinaan petikan, bibliografi, dan indeks

"so by the end all participants in this course should be potential UTM future editors.."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hard Work and Train Hard

As 9 Nov 2008 is so near, Powerman Malaysia 2008, is my main event of the year..since 2003 in was competed in this gruelling event, I feel so good when first time in involve in this kind of race..need to run faster in the beginning, ride harder in cycling leg and got suffered during final run, my training schedule is so tight and need to perform well during training session.
Plus at the same time a lot of work and task to be completed before the end of the add some salt and sugar, I need to attend a Editorial Course next three days and Educational Website Development Course in next week..thats mean, I will lost my morning training session..

But at the end I must realize my work is my main priorities because I just an tiny amateur athlete..

"show profesionalism in work, train like a pro's"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Box House

how can we imagine, a family live in this kind of house? Myself personally attracted by this kind of design..simple and I guess it cheaper than 'rumah kos rendah' in Malaysia..

My Weekend of Full

Wow, last weekend was so full with tight schedule..

Begun on Friday night, I was rode with Mahkota Bikers to fullfill an invitation from PDRM Kota Tinggi for their Majlis Gema Aidilfitri..with Ketua Polis Daerah Kota Tinggi, this event so happening with some Malaysian artists also did their performance, "the series of makan free is begin"..later Mahkota Bikers, did their meeting at Cikgu Hadi's place..

On Saturday afternoon, once again need to rode with Mahkota Bikers for Majlis Aidilfitri at YB Adam Somiru in Kg Kurnia, "makan free episode 2". Then I headed to UTM to saw my students who were in charge the outdoor camp. After that, I did my training, menu was 2 hours of hill interval ride..Later in the evening, Jiha joined me to did hill interval run..then we felt so the night, I was occompanied Jiha to went for her friend open house.."makan lagi"..

Sunday morning I was wake up early as usuall, then have a breakfast with Jiha and we did duathlon (run, bike, run) started at 11am under sunshine..just did it around the campus..then finished at 1pm..we washed our bike then have a lunch the evening I, Jiha, Abg Din and his family also Wan attended our first Equiestrian myself I not so "cuak" or afraid with the horse..then we have a tour and saw how the stable operate..luckily by that time all the boys and girls were so busy to prepared the horses night I rode to MrDale's (JTri Club President) place to "makan free:the finale"..thanks Dale, then filled my night with some laughing and chatting with the JTri Club friends..

So happening, experiencing, and exciting..
"best to be me"

JTri Club Weekly Activities

JTri Club is the one and only triathlon club in I was informed by MrDale, the President, here I post the weekly activities for us to alert and join them..they funny, love to make a joke and fueled by high determination to do triathlon..

Day : Monday
Time: 8:00pm-9:30pm
Location: Kompleks Nusa Mutiara Swimming Pool
Fee : RM6

Day: Wednesday
Time: 8:30-10:00pm
Location : Taman Impian Emas Loop
Fee : FOC

Day: Saturday
Time: 5:00-7:00pm
Location: Istana Garden
Fee : FOC

President - Mahdhir ‘Dale’ 012-7088173
V. President - Ungku Azlan 013-7230456
Secretary - Shamsol ‘Jayenn’ 012-7308082
Treasurer - Ungku Azhar 013-7833559

Friday, October 17, 2008

Heheh I wondering one day if I can travel and ride a big bike tour like this guys..Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman who were traveled through 18 countries from John o' Groats in Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa via Europe and Africa in 2007. This series we can see at National Geographic Channel 503 in Astro on every Monday 9:00pm.

I also admire with their ride, BMW R1200GS Adventure..I day I will ride BMW Bike(s)..

I can feel the pleasure of their I also have an experience in 2001 when four of us did a tour around Malaya (Malaysia Peninsular) in 18 day on mountain bike..we called our journey as "Ronda Semenanjung"..what a wonderful experience and momories that I can forget until now..

This December, I have been offered to join a tour around Malaya by one of big bikes group in that tour was my ideas gave to them last year..need to reconsider my abilities (financial, time, workload) before deciding to give myself a chance to make a history again..

"history written by ourself is better than our nation histories"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

3 Days In A Row Was A Raining Day

In Johor Bahru now, rain will pouring at 3-6pm consistantly..
In my training schedule, its hard to replace a training that I was missed..

Not allowed myself to training in the rain, but I still need to protect myself from being attacked by flu or is because I need to make sure myself stay healthy and able to do a lot of work and planning in office..

Realizing to consider for having long training in the morning..
Hope the rain stop before the time which I need to use for training properly..

"rain or shine I du.."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Johor Triathlon Club Activities Alert!

As I was informed by MrDale, President of JTri Club, here are some activities:

Activities : Duathlon (Run-Bike-Run)
Date : 16 Oct 2008
POM : Pulai Jaya
Menu : Run around Taman Pulai Jaya, Ride to Pontian and back to Pulai Jaya for run.
Time : 8:30 am

Activities : Transition Clinic (T1, T2)
Date : 26 Oct 2008 Sunday
Place : Kolam Renang MBJB, Larkin
Time : 4-6pm
Fee : RM 15 only

Lets come and participate!

Tuesday Twist.

I'm so busy the morning have to settle current task..and in the evening I can't did my I only can slept last night at 2 am..

That's not so good for my performance..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Ride Report

Sunday ride..from UTM: Blacko, Jiha, Ong, Lim, Kecik and newface boy
met at usual place Tasik UTM, I gave some safety talk and we started at 8:15.
Rode to POM near TNB PUB and waited for Abg Moose and his sons..

Suddenly everybody amazed when a bunch group of riders, came towards us..uncluding me..
Then I shouted "Here they come!", everybody looked at their faces..shocked!?suprised?!

then we joined the group. The Group: Abg Moose, his sons, PakDen (secretary of Persatuan Lumba Basikal Negeri Johor), PakYahya, PakCik2, Brother2, and some riders from Singapore..

We rode to Senai-Kulai-Gunung Pulai-Pekan Nanas-back to UTM..
I met again the faces who were so long time I didn't met..everybody asked why so long didn't join us, where are you going?, and keep told me that I was the one geat domestique rider in Johor once upon a time ago, and etc..

my memories when I was studied came as flashback since how I gain cycling experience and reputation with joining the persatuan and Sunday Ride with them..until my peak performance achieved in cycling back in year 2004, when I set a national record for Longest Non Stop Solo Cycling in 24 hours 18 minutes..that record was endorsed by Malaysian Book of Records..

then now I came back with new faces to continuing my legacy in this sport..I make sure this faces fit enough to ride together as cyclist, not a runner..I give them opportunity from them to learn, gain experiance, and give the best in this sport..time changes every thing..

arrived in UTM at 12:00pm, and have a talk with Jiha, about the ride, the training and future investment in cycling world..then we went to Teo Chin Hock Bike shop in Taman University-my official bike shop since 2001..

Friday, October 10, 2008

To Avoid Injury While Running..

Some basic knowledge from me to share with are your pre caution before injury come during your run session..

Do not run with an inflammation - If possible try to avoid the added pain caused by swelling once you experience an injury. Always keep an elastic sports bandage in your workout bag just in case you become injured. By wrapping the bandage around the injured area immediately you will minimize the inflammation.

Do not rely on sport bandages - Elastic sports bandages are great during non-workout time, but do not rely on them for support during a work out. They are designed to give way to pressure and the pounding of your body weight during a workout is likely to cause them to move out of position, and leave the injured area vulnerable.

Do not let the blisters come out - Wearing a brand new pair of shoes in a race without having worn them before, shoes too big or the wrong pair of socks may cause you blisters. A good pair of double-layered technical running socks should solve the problem. For long distances applying Vaseline directly on the feet avoids blisters (Vaseline is also great to avoid abrasion on the nipples and in between the legs due to the repetitive movements of the running).

Do not ignore pain - Simple tip, but golden rule for every runner. Do not ignore the signs of pain. Ignoring an injured area may cause serious and long-term damage. In particular it is not smart to take pain relief medication to finish a run, as they will reduce discomfort and inflammation but will not cure the origin of the pain. Pain is a way your organism is telling you that something is wrong, and nothing could be more false than the "No pain, no gain" famous athlete's motto.

"running without pain and fresh legs till the finish line"

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bike LSD This Sunday

PROUDLY to announce that I will organize
Sunday LSD Ride for Beginners..
especially for Kakithoners..

Just bring your bike, money, ic, helmet, water, smile, sporting spirit and willing to learn attitude on this ride. Details as below:

Date: 12 Oct 2008
Time: 7:30 am
Place of meet: Bus Stop Tasik, UTM
Route: UTM-Senai-Kulai-Gunung Pulai-Pekan Nanas-UTM
Distance: +-80km je
Average Speed: +-20-30 kmh je (LSD!)
Attire: Rider attire, helmet (jika ada), sunglass (jika ada)

Watchout this route are hilly, need to be fit..

Abg Moose of Mustaffa Kamal Racing will join us together with his sons Ikram and Iman which is 3rd Best Kids Triathlete in South-East Asia. As usuall he was asked to give and share his valuable info and experiences to us..

Fell free to join this ride..This ride is absolutely FREE!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ngantuk after lunch comeback..

As normal human being, I started to felt 'mengantuk' or sleepy when after having a lunch..

This is because our stomach (specific to small intestine), need more oxygen to digest our food. Digesting system takes more our oxygen supply to our brain or our central nervous system. Digestion is the process of breaking down of chemicals in the body, into a form that can be absorbed. It is also the process by which the body breaks down chemicals into smaller components that can be absorbed by the blood stream.

In mammals like us, preparation for digestion begins with the cephalic phase in which saliva is produced in the mouth and digestive enzymes are produced in the stomach. Mechanical and chemical digestion begin in the mouth where food is chewed, and mixed with saliva to break down starches. The stomach continues to break food down mechanically and chemically through the churning of the stomach and mixing with enzymes. Absorption occurs in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, and the process finishes with excretion.

So complicated to story here, because no body will understand enough by the end..

Finally, if we are fit enough, our lungs can absorb more and more (massive quantity) oxygen to supply through our they can give enough supply to our stomach and brain at the same time. Working time need more speed and large effort. Training continuously will make we race faster and stronger. By the end we will found sports training will increase our work performance!

"need to do some muscle pumping to avoid sleepy after lunch..hahah"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cronological of Preparation for Adventure Race

Here are some of my research for preparing yourself for AR..for kakithoners who are compete in Perhentian Island Challenge, please read and apply it before you hit and beat the others..

The Week Before...

The week before an adventure race is critical for maximizing race performance.
Consider:Substantially reduce workouts.

Light spinning or fast walking a few times in the week prior to the race is likely all you need. Continue to gently stretch daily, being mindful that cold muscles can easily be damaged during stretching.
Consider carbo-loading, especially in the few days immediately prior to the race. Carbo-loading will increase glycogen stored in muscles and may improve race performance.
Spend time doing your final research on the race.
Get your gear organized.
Create checklists using the race's mandatory gear PLUS the other gear that you think you'll need for the race.
Start getting to be EARLY. Start waking up at race time.
Eat a good breakfast each morning. Eat something that you'll be able eat for breakfast on race day. Consider oatmeal or similar meal.

Two Days Before...

Get all your gear together and packed up. If possible, load up your vehicle as though you were racing in the morning.
Print out directions to the event.
Get the clothing you're wearing to the race ready to go. You should be totally ready to go so you have nothing to do tomorrow evening.
You'll want to get to bed early tomorrow without any stress.

The Night Before...

Relax! Continue to stay hydrated. Many racers will drink a liter of water before bed and another pint in the middle of the evening (that liter of water will serve as a natural alarm clock!)

The Morning of the Race...

Wake up with enough time so you can get to the race site without stress.
Eat a good breakfast.
Caffeine may help your performance, so if you are a coffee or tea drinker, today isn't the day to switch to others. If you're doing an endurance length race or longer, consider drinking an hour before race time. Never take food or drink on a race that you've never used before during training!
Get to the race site early and get your gear organized in the TA.
Warm up a bit and get ready to race!

After the Race...

As soon as you hit that finish line, start your recovery by hydrating and eating. Eat some fruit or similar carb loaded food. Warm down by walking around a bit.
Consider an ice bath post race. Wear several layers of upper body clothing, including a heavy fleece. Get in a bath with cool water and then start adding ice. (You'll need allot!) The bath should last around 10 minute if you can stand it.
Take a few days off from workouts. Then start walking and stretching to keep your muscles from getting too tight.
For a sprint race you'll likely want to take five to seven days off from serious workouts.
For longer races, more rest may be helpful.

Writing Struggle

This week I need to complete my writing for the book. Well, I young enough to write a book for public need to follow a path from senior authors..I'm so lucky because my boss want to share his opportunity, experience and ideas with me..

Now is my phase for hitting the keyboard, after weeks of searching any valuable write a book for non English readers public is harder that anybody ever thinking..they didn't know the latest knowledge or event that were happened nowdays..for me thats was my reponsibility..

Bottom line is, hit my keyboard as far as I can, Friday is so near man!

"I wondering this time, how my mother can type so damn fast.."

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Hope

Powerman Malaysia will be held in 4 weeks time from now..

Thats mean all the training always meet their peaking, and last week is for tapering..
With training time per week reached 20 hours, I believe this amount of training not so good enough to beat stronger competitor in that race..

But this year I need to show my top performance again since 2004 & 2005..what a shame on me who was failed to maintain my top condition during 2006-2007 season..*that time was a critical period in my life-to complete my studies and start my career..

My training regime were in their top performance, I also can coupe with their drastical progression..this October, we will more aggresive and "gila"..

So three weeks to hold 20 hours training time's achieveable..

"Hit the 'wall' during the training , before your head hitting the wall after the race"

Sederhana Aidilfitri Ku

1 Oktober bersamaan 1 Syawal sudah berlalu..sambutannya sederhana oleh aku dan keluarga..
Seperti kelaziman, malam raya kami 2 keluarga berkumpul di rumah atuk, berbuka puasa bersama, solat maghrib dan isyak berjemaah, bertakbir, membaca surah Yasin, bertahlil dan diikuti sesi bermaaf-maafan sesama keluarga..saat-saat itu membuatkan kami berasa begitu bahagia..keluarga yang tidaklah besar namun keakraban kami membuatkan kami kuat..

Juadah Aidilfitri sudah siap sebelum terbenamnya matahari hari terakhir Ramadhan..ibu saudaraku masak nasi beryani dan lauk-lauknya (ayam merah, daging kurma), ketupat, rendang daging dan rendang kerang masakan emak yg memang pedassss, kek coklat (satu dibuat oleh ibu saudaraku satu lagi girlfriend aku)..

Pagi raya, aku hanya mengenakan pakaian pergi ofis..kemeja biru lengan panjang, seluar khakis..solat sunat Aidilfitri..banyak mata yang pelik melihat pakaian aku pagi itu..

Raya kedua ikut keluarga beraya di Muar dan Tangkak, dari pagi hingga rumah atuk-atuk saudara..

Raya ketiga petang hingga malam beraya di rumah ibu-ibu karaoke anak-beranak sehingga 2 pagi..hebat

Kesimpulannya, Aidilfitri disambut sederhana tetapi meriah dan penuh kemesraan di samping keluarga terdekat yang rapat, mesra dan bahagia..

"finally I manage to come back in office in one piece"