Friday, October 31, 2008

Road to Powerman 2008: Powerman Malaysia 2008 in one week

Beginning today, I will write something about Powerman Malaysia. As a mental and spirit preparation for Powerman Malaysia 2008 on next 9 Nov 2008..

I involved in this kind of race since year 2003. That year in September I did my first ever triathlon in Desaru. Then later next month in October, my brother Moose asked me to take the Powerman challenge. Altough I already did my triathlon, so then I easily take his challenge to be Powerman finisher. Then I started run for 10km continuously..a training that I did rarely before, because I was a climber and time trialist type of rider during that time.

Later, I and Moose together went to race registration and race briefing in Armada Hotel, PJ..I remembered that year we skip a race dinner the day before we arrive at KL. That day I was introduced to our duathlon star Shahrom Abdullah by my brother. I was impressed that he was not sombong even he was 15th place in world duathlon ranking..(so different if compare with others sports stars)

On 12th October 2003, in Putrajaya, I already at the starting line for Powerman Malaysia 2003. I saw about 200 participants. When the race just started, I try to run at the front with elite's athlete..(haha only manage less than 1km with their's pace). Then I try to set my bench mark for my first 10km leg..then I run with my pace steadily, tried to save my energy for bike leg later.

During bike leg, I push very hard to catch each person in front of me..since I was a good in time trial ride and love attacking while climbing section, the hilly route in Putrajaya seems so easy to me. In final lap, I catch Eugene Chan (that time I don't know who he is) just 3 km to transition. Then I entered transition area together with Eugene. Many people looked me with 'hairan' face.

Then I try to run with him but failed. He was so good in running (the technique). I handle my final run with this method, run-jog-walk-jog-run...until reached finish line. I clocked 3:51:38 at 86th overall place.

I feel so enjoyed that time, the race atmosphere, the crowd and also take a time to have a photos shot. That memories always fresh in my head until now..the desire to challenge myself, learning a new experience and also jumped in new race family..

Post race story was a most memorable..I suffered a runners knee syndrome since 'ngilu' when tried to walk as normal. But later I found how to manage this sydrome..since that time, I started to run, and run, and run for 10km with fast pace..because the minimum distance in duathlon and triathlon race were 10km run!

Now, I feel so 'bertuah' since entered this kind of race. It is because this race are the race for lifetime. We compete in the same age categories, we can't think younger athlete is stronger that older one, learn to respect each others and try to becoming humble..

"Powerman for man who have a power: body, mental, soul, money and ..."

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