Monday, October 20, 2008

My Weekend of Full

Wow, last weekend was so full with tight schedule..

Begun on Friday night, I was rode with Mahkota Bikers to fullfill an invitation from PDRM Kota Tinggi for their Majlis Gema Aidilfitri..with Ketua Polis Daerah Kota Tinggi, this event so happening with some Malaysian artists also did their performance, "the series of makan free is begin"..later Mahkota Bikers, did their meeting at Cikgu Hadi's place..

On Saturday afternoon, once again need to rode with Mahkota Bikers for Majlis Aidilfitri at YB Adam Somiru in Kg Kurnia, "makan free episode 2". Then I headed to UTM to saw my students who were in charge the outdoor camp. After that, I did my training, menu was 2 hours of hill interval ride..Later in the evening, Jiha joined me to did hill interval run..then we felt so the night, I was occompanied Jiha to went for her friend open house.."makan lagi"..

Sunday morning I was wake up early as usuall, then have a breakfast with Jiha and we did duathlon (run, bike, run) started at 11am under sunshine..just did it around the campus..then finished at 1pm..we washed our bike then have a lunch the evening I, Jiha, Abg Din and his family also Wan attended our first Equiestrian myself I not so "cuak" or afraid with the horse..then we have a tour and saw how the stable operate..luckily by that time all the boys and girls were so busy to prepared the horses night I rode to MrDale's (JTri Club President) place to "makan free:the finale"..thanks Dale, then filled my night with some laughing and chatting with the JTri Club friends..

So happening, experiencing, and exciting..
"best to be me"

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