Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Ride Report

Sunday ride..from UTM: Blacko, Jiha, Ong, Lim, Kecik and newface boy
met at usual place Tasik UTM, I gave some safety talk and we started at 8:15.
Rode to POM near TNB PUB and waited for Abg Moose and his sons..

Suddenly everybody amazed when a bunch group of riders, came towards us..uncluding me..
Then I shouted "Here they come!", everybody looked at their faces..shocked!?suprised?!

then we joined the group. The Group: Abg Moose, his sons, PakDen (secretary of Persatuan Lumba Basikal Negeri Johor), PakYahya, PakCik2, Brother2, and some riders from Singapore..

We rode to Senai-Kulai-Gunung Pulai-Pekan Nanas-back to UTM..
I met again the faces who were so long time I didn't met..everybody asked why so long didn't join us, where are you going?, and keep told me that I was the one geat domestique rider in Johor once upon a time ago, and etc..

my memories when I was studied came as flashback since how I gain cycling experience and reputation with joining the persatuan and Sunday Ride with them..until my peak performance achieved in cycling back in year 2004, when I set a national record for Longest Non Stop Solo Cycling in 24 hours 18 minutes..that record was endorsed by Malaysian Book of Records..

then now I came back with new faces to continuing my legacy in this sport..I make sure this faces fit enough to ride together as cyclist, not a runner..I give them opportunity from them to learn, gain experiance, and give the best in this sport..time changes every thing..

arrived in UTM at 12:00pm, and have a talk with Jiha, about the ride, the training and future investment in cycling world..then we went to Teo Chin Hock Bike shop in Taman University-my official bike shop since 2001..

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