Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hard Work and Train Hard

As 9 Nov 2008 is so near, Powerman Malaysia 2008, is my main event of the year..since 2003 in was competed in this gruelling event, I feel so good when first time in involve in this kind of race..need to run faster in the beginning, ride harder in cycling leg and got suffered during final run leg..hahah..now, my training schedule is so tight and need to perform well during training session.
Plus at the same time a lot of work and task to be completed before the end of the month..to add some salt and sugar, I need to attend a Editorial Course next three days and Educational Website Development Course in next week..thats mean, I will lost my morning training session..

But at the end I must realize my work is my main priorities because I just an tiny amateur athlete..

"show profesionalism in work, train like a pro's"

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