Monday, October 6, 2008

New Hope

Powerman Malaysia will be held in 4 weeks time from now..

Thats mean all the training always meet their peaking, and last week is for tapering..
With training time per week reached 20 hours, I believe this amount of training not so good enough to beat stronger competitor in that race..

But this year I need to show my top performance again since 2004 & 2005..what a shame on me who was failed to maintain my top condition during 2006-2007 season..*that time was a critical period in my life-to complete my studies and start my career..

My training regime were in their top performance, I also can coupe with their drastical progression..this October, we will more aggresive and "gila"..

So three weeks to hold 20 hours training time's achieveable..

"Hit the 'wall' during the training , before your head hitting the wall after the race"

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