Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cronological of Preparation for Adventure Race

Here are some of my research for preparing yourself for AR..for kakithoners who are compete in Perhentian Island Challenge, please read and apply it before you hit and beat the others..

The Week Before...

The week before an adventure race is critical for maximizing race performance.
Consider:Substantially reduce workouts.

Light spinning or fast walking a few times in the week prior to the race is likely all you need. Continue to gently stretch daily, being mindful that cold muscles can easily be damaged during stretching.
Consider carbo-loading, especially in the few days immediately prior to the race. Carbo-loading will increase glycogen stored in muscles and may improve race performance.
Spend time doing your final research on the race.
Get your gear organized.
Create checklists using the race's mandatory gear PLUS the other gear that you think you'll need for the race.
Start getting to be EARLY. Start waking up at race time.
Eat a good breakfast each morning. Eat something that you'll be able eat for breakfast on race day. Consider oatmeal or similar meal.

Two Days Before...

Get all your gear together and packed up. If possible, load up your vehicle as though you were racing in the morning.
Print out directions to the event.
Get the clothing you're wearing to the race ready to go. You should be totally ready to go so you have nothing to do tomorrow evening.
You'll want to get to bed early tomorrow without any stress.

The Night Before...

Relax! Continue to stay hydrated. Many racers will drink a liter of water before bed and another pint in the middle of the evening (that liter of water will serve as a natural alarm clock!)

The Morning of the Race...

Wake up with enough time so you can get to the race site without stress.
Eat a good breakfast.
Caffeine may help your performance, so if you are a coffee or tea drinker, today isn't the day to switch to others. If you're doing an endurance length race or longer, consider drinking an hour before race time. Never take food or drink on a race that you've never used before during training!
Get to the race site early and get your gear organized in the TA.
Warm up a bit and get ready to race!

After the Race...

As soon as you hit that finish line, start your recovery by hydrating and eating. Eat some fruit or similar carb loaded food. Warm down by walking around a bit.
Consider an ice bath post race. Wear several layers of upper body clothing, including a heavy fleece. Get in a bath with cool water and then start adding ice. (You'll need allot!) The bath should last around 10 minute if you can stand it.
Take a few days off from workouts. Then start walking and stretching to keep your muscles from getting too tight.
For a sprint race you'll likely want to take five to seven days off from serious workouts.
For longer races, more rest may be helpful.

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