Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Free Advertise?

I don't know when I saw many of athletes in Malaysia sporting event like cycling, running, triathlon and duathlon love to wearing some kind of brand on t-shirt, cap, socks etc..

What I always know, when an athlete wearing a race suit, t-shirt, cap etc mean they have been sponsored by the brand that appear on this kind of attires.

So how an athlete (mostly not a beginner, familiar faces in the races but not yet being sponsored by any kind of sponsor) can easily do that?? This was described as 'free advertisement', Not a 'win-win situation', far a way from 'simbiosis'..the athletes must realize that they a BIG LOSER!!

no sponsor athlete..

Why? An athlete buy an attires, or maybe a set of that brand (maybe sports nutrition products, equipment, pro's cycling team race suit) which is costly. The cost which an athlete paid not only for the attires itself, but the printing cost and some hidden cost was different if an athlete buy an attire without that brand appears or printed on..furthermore, some times such as t-shirt, cap etc are made from low quality fabric and not friendly on race purposes..I have no comment if somebody said, "My money is my matters".

Why? It also not so cool when an athlete wear an attire complete with printed with that brand name during the race..(but still ok if wear it during training session) looks so 'cool' for the athletes themself, but for me it was a FOOL..they simply advertise the brand as free, no T&C, no agreement agreed between two parties..

As a bottom line, why should be pay a lot of bucks for helping freely or volunteering the brand to advertise their brand. Also why should be throw our money for the things that we can get for free?? (hope when you has been sponsored, one day...)

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