Thursday, July 17, 2008

MUDS Leg1: The Journey that I Can't Never Forget..

What was happened last Thursday I cant the morning LKS said they (LKS, Ong, Suhaimie & Lee) must 'tumpang' UTM bus to go to UKM..actually that bus took National Athletes (UTM Students) to their training venues for their centralize training in the weekend..

So my athletes decided to 'tumpang' this 5pm on my cycled back to my house, I singgah Unit Sukan to saw my athletes..after some chit-chat with drivers, and also my athletes, I convince them just selamba..LKS lead & manage to have proper accomodation for night stay..
Then at 6pm, the bus passed me when I on my saddle headed to my home..legaaaa..

At 11pm, LKS told me they already stay at Rumah Tamu, Kolej Aminuddin Baki, UKM..legaaa lagi...

Me and Jiha drove to KL on Friday, directly to UKM..when arrived, I was the first person came to collect race kit..the have a chit-chat with Mel, Adele & another athletes yg kuat2..hehhe

so finally, we the athletes from UTM have came to UKM with our own effort, money & initiatives..

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