Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sad Sat AM

What the hell I attend the IELTS Speaking test that last in 14 minutes, need to wait most at 45 minutes before..
When the test just started, the tester cannot continue the session coz there are no ID number for the candidates, blank..then need to start once again, calling my name, bla-bla-bla..
Then I finish that session with No Good at All for English 'Formal Communication'..
just need to say like Sharifah Amani one upon a time ago but in vice versa version
"I feel like an idiot when I speak in English!"
Thats all..tata

Then ride my bike to UTM, change to training attire, grab my roadbike, tata I was cycling..haha
the go to Tasik UTM to saw SUKAM PowerMan & Powerlady in action, hang with Pusat Kesihatan's Staff borak-borak..

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