Tuesday, August 19, 2008

UTM Missing One of Their Outstanding Sports Women

Today 19 Aug 2008, after 4 years UTM have one of the most outstanding sports women ever created by them, finally graduated..a sad atmosphere covered when saw her received her scroll by UTM Vice Chancellor this morning..but deep from my heart I was very proud with her..

She started run & ride from nothing, from hero to become a hero in 3 years of development..I was set her training programmes, her competition period, chosen her races, her attitude toward this sports, her attire, her thinking, also her desire to become one of the most terrific UTM Female Athlete.

flower specially for her

This morning, I was waited for her to came out from Dewan Sultan Iskandar after the ceremony, with flowers in my hand and also smile in my face..plus I received a helpful hand from UTM photographers to snap a pictures for her! Then we waited for her..Thanks bro from CICT! She becoming very popular in UTM last two years because of this sports..

Until now, I cannot forgot all the memories with her during her study period in UTM..sweet, terrible, proud, forgiveness, crucial, laugh, tears..we shared together more than as a friend, training buddy, partner, comrade and finally she become not a stranger anymore in my heart..you are always in my heart..


"semoga menjadi insan yang berguna dan berjasa kepada keluarga, agama, bangsa dan negara"

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