Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are You An Adventure Racer?

The fact that you clicked on this question tells me that you could be an adventure racer. You already cleared the first hurdle by just being at this blog because you must already be a runner and/ or rider. Regardless of pace, if you can run a 10k comfortably or ride 10-15 miles without dropping over, then you have the athletic ability to become a sprint adventure racer. A sprint adventure race usually consist of running 5-8 miles, riding 10-15 miles and paddling a mile or two. The races usually last anywhere from 3-6 hours. It’s now a question of putting in the time to train for the disciplines of adventure racing.

How much time you have to commit to training is totally up to you. Obviously the more you train, the better you will perform. I know people who have completed sprint races with only five training hours a week. Their goal was just to finish. Others will double and triple that training time. I personally train about 8 hours a week, with Kakithoners, more if possible, but time is a precious commodity.

Second, but equally important is attitude. You will face many challenges in an adventure race. Sometimes keeping your mind going forward is tougher than the physical aspects of a race. You need an " I’ll take the good with the bad" attitude because races are filled with ups and downs. But at the finish, it’s definitely a good feeling.

Next, you need to find a willing teammate or two to join the fun. Be sure to choose teammates with similar ability levels and goals. If you just want to finish and a friend wants to win, then keep looking. Differences in attitudes and personalities will only be compounded during a race. Even the best of friends or spouses… Yikes… can turn a sprint race into the longest day, week, etc…

I hope this helps you make the wise decision of trying an adventure race and finishing it, of course.

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