Monday, August 11, 2008

This Weekend Story

My weekend 9-10 Aug 2008..

On 9 Aug, need to attend IELTS test at Sunway College, Mt Austin, JB.
Just average performance for me, when answered the test..(listening, reading and writing test)

Then, back to home, picked my stuff, rode to campsite organized a Summer Camp for school pupils..a 3 days 2 night programme, tailored by me and the team..this week came from SMK Seri Alam 2..
That afternoon, at 2pm I instructed the participants for Wall Climbing Module session..4 hours for 105 boys and girls..only 2 assistants I have this time..they show good performance, also my assistants..

just hung at the campsite to make sure the programme ran standby if anything turn wrong, or in case of emergency..

10th Aug, after the programme reached to the end, I thanks to the school, their teachers, participants and my facilitators..

Headed back to my home, raining all the way, have lunch then TIDO! at 5pm wake-up, spent my time with family..

at night we have dinner together at our favourite spot Medan Selera Larkin Bomba, I have ABC Special and chicken chop..sleep at 11pm after wached Man Laksa at Astro Kirana..

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