Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Sports First Aid Kit

Do you have an active family who participates in running or walking events? Are weekends a time to hit the trail with the buddies?

If you pound the pavement or tough it out on the trail, there is always the chance for injury. Is your family prepared with a sports first aid kit that meets your needs? Many commercially packaged first aid kits contain basic supplies. Sure, they might offer limited help for simple emergencies. But is your first aid kit prepared to handle your child's sprained ankle or heat exhaustion? How about your own knee pain after a marathon? The answer is to create a customized kit that fits your family's sports first aid needs. Chances are you already have many of the necessary supplies on hand.

Here is how you get started:

First evaluate your needs by the type of sports your family participates in. Is there the likelihood of bumps, cuts, and bruising? Or are overuse injuries more prevalent such as runner's knee or ITB (illiotibial band) friction syndrome?

Then decide what supplies best fit the type of injuries you have described, such as bandages and ointment for cuts; ice pack for pain and swelling; sunscreen for sun burn.

Finally, find a roomy, insulated tote to carry your supplies. Why an insulated carrier rather than one of those little, plastic boxes that most first aid kits come in? Because you need to carry at least one, preferably two frozen, reusable ice packs in your sports first aid kit. Most kits only contain an instant, one-time-use, chemical ice pack. This is usually not sufficient to numb pain or reduce swelling. The best and most effective treatment for many injuries is to immediately apply a frozen ice pack for several 15 to 20 minute sessions. This will help lessen pain, reduce swelling and treat bruising. And an insulated tote will keep your ice packs cold for several hours.

Here is a list of suggested supplies to include in your family's sports first aid kit:

Information - First aid guide or manual.
General - Matches, scissors, travel toilet paper, anti-diarrheal, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, needle (for splinters), thermometer, safety pins, flashlight, disposable gloves, mouthpiece (in case of using CPR), blanket, plastic ziplock bags (to keep supplies dry), tissues.
Emergencies - Cellular phone, whistle, personal alarm, pepper spray, emergency phone numbers, maps (with directions to nearest first aid).
Pain and swelling - Cold pack, ibuprofen.
For cuts, scrapes, blisters - Bandages of different sizes, antibiotic cream or hydrocortisone cream, mole skin dressing kit, sterile gauze, adhesive tape, antiseptic solution, non-stick gauze pads.
Sun protection / Heat exhaustion - Misting water bottle, cold pack, sunscreen, lip balm, aloe vera lotion.
Fractures, strains, sprains, pulled muscles - Neoprene joint braces, compression bandage / ice wrap, cold pack, two triangle shaped pieces of cloth for a sling or tourniquet.
Dehydration - Filled water bottle, sports drink.
Allergic reactions - Calamine lotion, epinephrine (for bee stings), antihistamine, recommended medications.
Insect bites - Epinephrine (for bee stings), insect repellent, cold pack (reduces swelling of bug bites).

Assemble your supplies and customize your family sports first aid kit for each event or outing.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical treatment or consultation. Always consult with your physician in the event of a serious injury.


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