Monday, August 11, 2008

My Commuter Schedule

Here my commuter schedule to my workplace..(Plentong to UTM, UTM to Plentong)
distance: 32 km

3 in 1 mission..
  • Monday - Ride my XV535, reason is a lot of meeting, discussion to attend, plus smart day
  • Tuesday - Ride my bike, total distance 64km, save RM10 (for 3.7 litres petrol)
  • Wednesday - Ride my XV535
  • Thursday - Ride my bike, save RM10 again
  • Friday - Run/walk to work 32km, headed back with my gf car (after LSD run training with Kakithoners @ UTM campus)
  • Saturday - Ride my XV535 for observing my summercamp programmes
  • Sunday - LSD ride 3-4 hours, with Mustaffa Development Team & Kakithoners

Moose pacing me in time trial position on my way to UTM

after long morning run, at my office, sweat..

suka-suka ambil gambar during LSD on Sunday

So, just do it..lets others people start thinking logically..

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