Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MUDS 2008, UTM Duathlete Show Their's

After 3 greuling weekends, finally my duathlete make it!
All the paint, obstacles, birocracy, "tendang sana sini", begging here and there, finally has been payed..


My Boy, Ong win "Best Male University Duathlete"while Suhaimie, I know him since he was 16, got 4th place overall for Mens University Category.

My Girl, Nazihah finally showed her best performance at final leg, which her got 2nd placing. For overall Womens University Category, she sit at 3rd place.

In UPNM, I sent 6 duathlete of mine, with UTM bus, 4 boys (Ong, Suhaimie, Kecik, LKS) and 2 girls (Jiha, Ida). I and Suhaimie moved early to UPNM with Faculty of Education's Pajero..I have to settled their accomodation, and do my work for recording duathlon clinic session.

Ong finally beaten by Chan (UPNM) at final 250m dash, while Suhaimie played a role as domestic racer (thats my role!), while LKS and Kecik just show their average performance (so hard if you raced with MTB or RM200 bike).

Best Male University Duathlete of the Year

Ida make her first appearances in duathlon..she borrowed MTB from Bad (UPNM), the claim 5th place..Impressively Jiha won 2nd place for this leg..
Ong with two fit & gorgeous girls
Then on Saturday afternoon they brought back good & impressive news for me which was waited from the morning till evening at my office in UTM, to recorded their "back to home moment"..

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