Saturday, August 30, 2008

Merdeka Multisport Training Camp

Proudly to announce that Mr Black from Sports Science UTM Panel with collaboration from Kakithon Club will arrange a annual training camp especially for Merdeka Holiday..

Below are the details:

Programme: Merdeka Multisport Training Camp
Date: 30-31 Aug 2008
Location: UTM Skudai, Johor
Participations: 8 persons (expected one member from KL will join us)
Fee: F.O.C (for Merdeka Spirit)
Accomodation: Faculty of Education Outdoor Education Campsite, UTM Skudai
What to bring: Money, Bike, cycling attires, running shoes, running attire, sleeping bag, personal need and tools
What you can get?
Bike ride on Saturday evening (4 hours LSD)
Merdeka Celebration together at UTM!
Running on Sunday morning (Half Marathon, UTM-JB)
Tips for Recovery nutritional sytem, Sports related injuries prevention, Riding in Busy Traffic, Heat Stroke & Dehyration Prevention.

so please come and enjoy this training camp!

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