Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scheduled for Missions

MONDAY: early morning, already received an invitation for Sports Science Student Dinner @ 8pm, at my campsite..so happening last night..

TUESDAY : also early this morning, received phone call about our research project..received sms from my best buddy wished me "Happy Birthday"..3D images for our Simulator Studio already done..need to take Jubah Konvo (as an academic staff, we were ordered to sit in Dewan Sultan Iskandar during Convocation, next Monday for our faculty)..must attend a meeting for our Research Group at 12pm, we currently did a research for Hajj & Umrah Pilgrimage, to compete in INATEX'08

WEDNESDAY : "Happy Birthday to Me"..but early morning must set-up our booth at INATEX..a lot of things to take there..at afternoon, our last year research the BlowBall MultiGames, must be at INATEX TechnoFun Centre..afternoon until night must stay there..at night opening ceremony will be held, and our UTM Chancellor, Sultanah Zanariah will visit INATEX booths..no time to have nice dinner, suprise party, or blablabla..heading back to home maybe at 1am, tido terus..

THURSDAY : Must be at INATEX and TechnoFun booths..but in the afternoon, must handle a visiting school from SMK Seri Rahmat to our Sports Science Lab..then instruct some outdoor activities, kayak & abseiling in the evening..

FRIDAY : Must be at INATEX and TechnoFun booths..couldnt imagine what will happen??

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