Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend Story

Saturday: rest, rest, rest at home..evening drove with Jiha to Pendas in heavy rain poured..have a dinner together at Kolam Ikan Pak Akob, Kg. Senibong..we hung together until nearly midnight..original plan was to attended equestrian class at UTM Equine Centre..

Sunday: need to skip LSD ride with Kakithoners..my big bike club, Mahkota Bikers were assigned as a marshall in Jelajah Merdeka Rakan Muda 2008 convoy..plus escort Raja Muda Johor! so one day on my big bike..got some allowance..again, dinner yong taufu with Jiha, bought donuts for my brother..

posing with Raja Muda Johor, Hummer


Monday: 2nd day of Jelajah Merdeka Rakan Muda 2008, once again got allowance, satisfaction to be marshall..I'm the youngest Marshall in Johor! haha..any info for the convoy plese visit http://mahkotabikers.blogspot.com/

Mahkota Bikers of Johor

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