Monday, August 18, 2008

Chong Wei Fail to be Millionaire

Lee Chong Wei, our single badminton player, failed to be Millionaire after crashed badly to Lin Dan of China in Final at Beijing last night..
A lot of pressure were putting on him, directly from the local spectators who never failed to yelled "Lin Dan, CHAIIYOK!" (Lin Dn, Boleh!), and also the hope from 22 million Malaysians who were mostly sat on front of TV to wathed this match Live!

He beaten by Lin Dan, straight set 21-12, 21-8..this was his most terrible performance for the matches between Chong Wei and Lin Dan..Lin Dan who are world no 1 badminton player looked too fast for Chong Wei..the match ends in 39 minutes..

Chong Wei looked so pressure, can't give their best performance in this Olympic..mental strength was the most important asset when facing worlds best badminton player plus in front of Chinesse spectators..

So Malaysia must wait another 4 year to achieve Olympic Gold Medal

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  1. mesti la bro..nk wat cane..kesian gak kt chong wei tuh..pressure giler2..xleh main langsung..