Saturday, August 2, 2008

UPNM, finally I reach there

On Friday morning, I called Khairul our staff in Faculty of Education, ask him if he fell free to drive Pajero to UPNM that afternoon? The he said, "Its ok, Black.."

Then after attended my meeting, we make our journey to UPNM, Sg Besi, Malaysia at 12pm..
Just Khairul, Suhaimie Tolek and me with my handycam..others with coaster at 2.30pm baru gerak..

In two and half hour we already reach Toll Sg Besi..I paid the toll bill..
then directly to UPNM the last leg for MUDS2008..
This is my first time been impressed and jakun..(when tengok student berlatih taekwondo panas-panas kul 3pm)

We directly went to registration counter, and Suhaimie was the first to report..
but I cannot report my participation for saturday morning action..
just bought 3 t-shirts for Ole-ole..

Then, entered Dewan Bestari to did my mission : Record the briefing session and Duathlon Clinic..

After settled, we make our move to apartment that given by Mejar Kalam to UTM Team..thanks Mejar..then after settled all the small matters things, bla-bla-bla..
then, "Khairul, jom blah"..

my stomach so hungry and I know Khairul too..
refuel at Seremban R&R, refill Pajero tank with RM180 petrol again, the cabut balik JB..

Reached Tangkak, I offered Khairul, "Bro, ko rehat, aku drive lak"
Then that my first time drive this Pajero on the highway..nothing to wait, in gear 5,
I drove between 130-150 9pm, we already arrived at Faculty of Education..
Thanks a lot to Faculty of Education UTM, coz give us, UTM Duathlon Team support..

dalam hati, "tak dapat race, dapat pergi UPNM pun jadila.."

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